Requesting A Response - Please & Thank You, Cory [Part 2]

    • Requesting A Response - Please & Thank You, Cory [Part 2]

      Heya Cory!

      First of all, thank you very, very much for response to my last post's inquiry concerning the Auction House; I really appreciate you taking the time, sir!

      I, and I'm sure other players, can completely understand your perspective regarding the Auction Houses' delight coinciding directly with the amount of players in the game. With the amount of different card sets developed in Hex, I always personally desired an increased availability of older-set card access in the Auction House. It may be difficult for me to articulate the concepts in my mind, but what if the players had a bit more access to winning cards from all the sets through avenues like the Frost Ring Arena mode or more options of winning all-sets cards from the Merry Melee modes so that a larger variety of cards can be available to trade between players on the AH?

      From my last post that you kindly responded to, I really enjoyed suggestions from TalonBreck and Plotynus; would you mind considering their recommendations, please?

      TalonBreck suggested: "I have no idea of the logistics of this but...

      How about a part of the auction house where people posted what they wanted and what they would be willing to pay for certain cards. I would definitely log in to see what I might be able to sell. I all the time that I played I posted what I thought was a good amount on the AH. I rarely sold anything even when I undercut just to see if anything would sell.

      Here's to hoping for a more active future..."

      Plotynus suggested: "Please do it. Fill the market with cheap cards and booster packs. I'm not being ironic. This should have been done from the beginning, Hex always had a small market and it should be fairly easy to regulate.

      Our cards have no real value. I see no reason to just basically throw them away to the users so they can enjoy the game.

      In this train, I would suggest:

      • A constant provision of cards in the AH. Maybe a bot or two would do the trick?
      • A one-time only, non-tradeable code for every player (old or new) with 5 evos and 5 drafts. Something like "want to return to the game? or you're new? Here, have some fun with this".
      • Change the VIP to a $5 per month subscription which includes something like 10x drafts, 10x evos, 10x tickets for tournaments, and 10x boosters per month. A lot of value? Well, yes, that's the idea. And, I don't know, three sleeves instead of one and a exclusive battleboard. Make it worth.
      • This might be difficult to implement in the current state. But totally async draft is the way to go. No more waiting for 8 people, just start to draft right away. Don't need a fancy AI to do this, just make it pick the rare in the first 3 rounds and then some value cards based on color-scheme or something like this. At this state, even just picking random cards would do the trick, you can refine the AI later if this game survive. Then you can throw the commons and uncommons on the AH if they're actually generated.
      • Make it easy to climb to cosmic in constructed, just don't make players lose stars when they lose and that's all. A lot of the feel-bad moments of constructed ladder are due to this.

      Make it easier and fun for players to play the game and make them know (newsletter, a good use of twitter and social networks, etc) so they can rejoin the game at least one last time."

      Anyways, it was a refreshing treat hearing from you again, Cory! As always, thank your time, my friend.
    • Gonna jump in here and give a suggestion I would like to see. Reduce the cost of spinning chests. Let us have more fun clearing out that backlog and make it less feel bad. Also, if spinning chests is more reasonable it may make PVE more enticing for a while to get some gold.

      I would also say make it so that the one eye roll is a free spin instead of paid spin but I think just reducing spin cost overall will make this less of an issue.

      This probably won't bring people back as much as other suggestions but it could help hold them for a bit as they clear out their chests.