Suggestion for PS4

    • Suggestion for PS4

      With PS4 lacking PvE content and access to entering codes there's a chunk of content unavailable to them
      How about the PvE, chest and code related sleeves be added to the PS4 store for a mixture of cosmic coins, gold and platinum to give them more to play for? Amounts should probably change based on the rarity of the sleeve (Say the Jadiim sleeves costing 10,000 cosmic coins while the Hound Sleeve from PvE only costs 100 coins or 10,000 gold as an example)
      AA's could be included as well but with the AH flawed as it may be they already have access to those at least.

      (Also the Hex Addict Trophy getting fixed to actually proc would be swell - A person who likes collecting PS4 Trophies)