Requesting A Response - Please & Thank You, Cory

    • Requesting A Response - Please & Thank You, Cory

      Heya Cory!
      I've been playing Hex for quite some time now, and even though the game has been through some rough patches - I still want to thank you and anyone left on the dev team for creating an excellent card game that most players should be able to tell came straight from some passionate hearts and minds.

      With the request that I will provide down below this brief paragraph, I'm really hoping that you find time to read it and hopefully respond to it sooner than later. All due respect implied, it seems that the dev team at HXE had some difficulty in the past responding to players feedback and suggestions concerning certain aspects of the game that could've used a bit more attention. Of course, I understand that the dev team can't respond to everything in the fashion in which we players may there's that. Anyways, I would really appreciate an earnest response to my request/feedback below. :D

      The Auction House can function as a great subsidiary game to the overall experience of playing Hex, but with the tumultuous times over the last year or so, there seems to be VERY few people listing reasonable prices on cards...or just much variety of interesting cards listed at all. I'm sure that I'm not alone in the feeling of REALLY missing the bartering, negotiating, and exciting trading that the Auction House used to provide. Would you be able to speak with us players concerning modifications and adjustments that may deem the Auction House viable once again, please and thank you? Also, would you be willing to bounce ideas around with any players that might have some interesting suggestions about the AH?

      Here's *fingers-crossed* that you'll engage with this thread a bit. Hope you're doing well, Cory!! Thanks for your time. :thumbsup:
    • Regarding the AH, one of the features I regretted the most was the ability to only show the least-expensive copy for each item. If you type any keyword looking for cards that would revolve around a theme or something, you'd get the exact number of different cards listed and not 400 pages of the same thing with prices incrementing by 1p.

      It wouldn't make the AH more attractive or bring more cards, but it sure would make it more user-friendly, and maybe push a competitive mind for placing the lowest prices.