S9 Draft Meta

    • S9 Draft Meta

      So I haven't played Hex in forever but Cory's post got me back. I have no idea what shards or strategies to go for in draft, since I didn't play much of Set 9 at all. What are you guys drafting? What colors pair well together? What UC or C cards are build-arounds?
    • Had to look at the card spoiler to remember what that set contained. Set was/is really good to pick any color combination, my favourites where diamond/wild, ruby/blood and blood/sapphire. Least favourite combinations were ruby/sapphire and diamond/blood. Can't tell you much more, would have to play some draft to get the memory jogging.
    • Based on what I remember. Green/Red is best agroo deck. Blue/green splash White was really good mid range I kill you with flyers deck. Third best was core of blood with ether green with splash for white, or rubby splash for green. First one is more mid range I win with recursion from graveyard, second is more focused on agroo that is weaker then green red.

      Overall Green should be easy to work around in draft, focus picks on shards for splashing...

      I am pretty sure, when I find a full draft, I will get rekt, but this is what I remember.
    • Probably far more than 100 S9 drafts done till now... :)

      I would say several archetypes are strong:

      Wild/Ruby full aggro
      Wild/Ruby+ Diamond or Blood aggro
      Diamond/Wild/Blood Troop flood (with sac a troop +1/+1 for all other)
      Ruby/Sapphire/Diamond (controll or aggro version, both viable)
      4-5 color controll (Multicolor champ)
      Ruby/Sapphire/Blood (Discard Champ to deal 3 damage for 5 charges)
      Wild/Sapphire +Diamond or Blood (Berry Champ)

      In fact, Set 9 is such a well built set, you have amazing many possibilites. Sure, there are some guys (wave @MiracleSun :) ) that will say Wild/Ruby with Feral-Champ is the strongest option and force it dam often in a draft, but well, really depending on your playstyle. You can win with every of the mentioned archetypes, better look to the cards that you get and choose than.