Friday Update - Difficult Dreams

    • Pandaemonium wrote:

      I honestly dont see any of this happening. I dont think we will see Hex 2.0 in 2020. When Hex 2.0 hits think fortnight with a focus on pve then pvp. The article also kind of hints that pvp will fundamentally change. We may not even have normal tcg set releases, it could be a ccg with cards doled out over time.
      Why change the system? I like the mtg system long as they use alternate terms for the mechanics we should be able to keep it as is right..?
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    • OzawaWanderer wrote:

      Pandaemonium wrote:

      I honestly dont see any of this happening. I dont think we will see Hex 2.0 in 2020. When Hex 2.0 hits think fortnight with a focus on pve then pvp. The article also kind of hints that pvp will fundamentally change. We may not even have normal tcg set releases, it could be a ccg with cards doled out over time.
      Why change the system? I like the mtg system long as they use alternate terms for the mechanics we should be able to keep it as is right..?
      I am not developing the game. I am reading the article and making inferences on what it means. The mechanics will likely stay the same, but the monetization and focus on pve will like be different. It is also possible that if there is pvp, it may not be a tcg exactly like now.

      Unless the code is complete garbage, I dont see a revamp of pve taking 3 years. But again I am not a programmer so idk.
    • sindharin wrote:

      I do hope that Hex 2 is successful. For that it needs to have enough players. It may be that simplification is necessary to attract new players. I also think forget the free to play concept. If something is good just charge for it so that it can survive.
      You can have ftp and make money look at Nexon...
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    • OzawaWanderer wrote:

      I didn't back let's be honest my... Finances suck being disabled and not able to really 'get out there.' But I used to be one of the most active people here (to point of grating on people's nerves) As one of the biggest Pro PVErs in the community one thing I hope Hex can keep is the mechanics which are fantastic. The fact that mana can be used every turn is pretty awesome sadly Hex lost that lawsuit to Magic I believe...? Thus they'll probably have to create new mechanics... But whatever happens I as the biggest PVE fan who SINGLE-HANDEDLY solved the entire plot of Chapter 1 PVE by artwork and flavor text alone my biggest hope is Hex keeps everything as is.

      From now on I am self-titling myself Chief Lore Expert, its the position above Lore Hound. I single-handedly solved several naming issues in Hex that were stealth patched without mention (thanks guys) which included words so thats like...the same thing as lore yeah? Everytime my title is mentioned or I mention my title, it will expand into an even more ridiculous title.

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      Raptos wrote:

      This is welcome news on so many different levels. First of all I have to give you kudos for taking responsibility for the short comings of HEX and disengaging from the community.

      Disengaging was a bad call and will remain a bad call.

      Raptos wrote:

      Maybe I could have been less caustic...

      Not needed, more vitriol sooner would've ensured that HexEnt learned early on they couldn't feed the community salt and call it sugar. Being placid, agreeable, and optimistic was the mistake of the entire community in enabling the piss poor communication habits that we got and continue to get even now. You should be more caustic, not less.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      I always found you to be incredibly vindictive against hex tbh even before it totally messed up

      This isn't your shtick, you're bad at it. If you want to have some bite, put in some fake vampire teeth at least.

      schild wrote:

      I also care that Cory wrote that whole letter and had zero follow-through in this thread. That stuff matters.

      Why was this only mentioned a couple times in this thread and not really hammered? This is important people.

      Pandaemonium wrote:

      Anyone hoping for followup about hex 2.0 anytime soon should really decrease their expectations.

      I usually expect when someone tells me something they will at least follow-up enough to explain what they were talking about but maybe I'm just a crazy person.

      Metronomy wrote:

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      Translation: Nothing Hex can possibly do is feasible to bring it back.Negative much..?
      More like "realistic much".
      I am sorry. People shouldn't get their hopes up. Never say never but the chances are extremely slim.

      A snowball has a better chance in super hell, yes.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      I fully understand your resentment but if you really like Hex best try to be constructive and see if it can work out. I feel your WAY too grouchy.

      Playing nice is how we got here in the first place, again - if we were all less tolerant of being fed lines then this wouldn't have become the company's normal method of communication because it would've been lambasted. This is the exact OPPOSITE of the correct approach.

      Velorath wrote:

      Cory is like the ex that didn't have the courage to actually break up with you so he just ghosted you. Now he comes back after over a year talking about how he was in a dark place at the time but he's learned lessons from the whole experience, and this time it's going to be different.

      As Chief Executive Master Blaster of the Lore Emporium of Space & Time, I approve this example.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      Having reservations is understandable, getting irritated by the news Hex wants to revive I guess is understandable what with no communication forever. But honestly to say your proud of playing hex when it was active and then say screw you when it's trying to fix itself isn't helping!

      Wrong, see above.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      If your so passionately irritated by Hex daring to try and come back then why bother posting at all? Just say screw it and leave. In my honest opinion seeing people post about how much Hex screwed up and there's no way in hell anything will come of them trying to revive is exactly the goddamn reason it won't.

      Wrong, see above above.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      If you want to be bitchy about spending a ton of money on a game that died I can 100% fully understand that sentiment.

      No you don't, you freely admit you couldn't and haven't invested large amounts of money into Hex. You can't get it, you don't even have the ability to get it.

      OzawaWanderer wrote:

      TLDR: Either move on and forget Hex or try to constructively critique where they went wrong and try and help them come back. To me your post I replied with "Negative much..?" is the equivalent of a bad break up. Seriously shut up forget Hex and move on if your THAT spiteful.

      You're not in charge here, stand down Lore Private.
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      Morshadoom wrote:

      Hi Cory,

      hopefully you read the few lines

      Now THIS is optimism. Just tweet at him about Trump, it has a more proven track record of response than anything that has ever been posted on this forum.

      Morshadoom wrote:

      And to all the hater guys here on this forum: Please do me a favor and stay away (forever), in game and here in forum. We don't need you, HEX does not need you. Thanks.


      See above - you're not in charge.
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    • Unfortunately despite being Super Nova Majority God Emperor Lore Prince of all Saiyans, I can't make the forums take my long ass post in one go so now its two posts. You get the twice me, you're welcome.

      Erukk wrote:

      You do realize that those "haters" were Hex's biggest buyers and supporters, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars, right? It's a good thing that Hex still has their attention, even if it's negative attention at the moment, because that means there is still at least a small amount of interest there. Turning away those people now is basically turning away future money to support the game if Hex ever does actually dig themselves out of their hole and release new content in any way, shape, or form.

      Lets be real here - nobody is opening their wallets back up just because Cory blamed mental illness on his inability to manage a company and product to the satisfaction of its community and instead decided that ignoring everyone for a year was the wisest course of action. If anyone is, I have several abusive relationship pamphlets to give you.

      Morshadoom wrote:

      Nope, most I refer to never spend a dime or just very, very little money, I am pretty sure. Ofc there are some big spenders that are disappointed too, but I don't know one of them I would call a "hater". Thats reserved for some other guys here.
      And the haters did this game a lot of damage (even when things were still quit ok, some years ago), probably same or more as the radio silince for over a year from the developpers.

      Good to know I'm not a hater, thanks. Anyways, please deliver thermite and several strokes of a magnet, just to be certain, to your computer. It's healthy for it, I promise; I'm a Lore Brigadier General. Who else could you possibly trust?

      Draknos wrote:

      This should be obvious, but insults and insinuations against other people posting in the forums is unproductive. Claims that people are deluded with positivity or pessimistic with negativity contribute nothing to the conversation, and could in fact contribute to a "toxic" culture that may turn away people in the future.

      There it is, the buzz word - toxic. We're back in business folks. Can't wait for the shitty response to this one to come out with all the tried and true hallmarks of someone with the original creative thought the capacity of a swamp leech.

      Draknos wrote:

      There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism of others' suggestions.

      My constructive criticism is the word "toxic" immediately informs me that you're under the impression strangers on the internet need to conform to your opinions of what is and is not appropriate discourse and that I would rather Third Impact my frontal lobe than give you even the veneer of authority on any such matter.
      Constructively criticized,
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      Plotynus wrote:

      To be fair, a lot of the negativity in the community could had been handled better by HXE but they decided an awful path and engage a radio silence fight against it. Having a semi-dead game is fully responsibility of HXE. All in all, they took all the decisions they took. Not the community.

      We enabled it, they provided it. I'm saying like at least a 75-25 split here.
    • OzawaWanderer wrote:


      Yeah being free to play doesn't mean I'm legally bound to not be able to have an opinion regarding the company.
      Yeah I definitely never even implied that anyone wasn't allowed to have opinions, I am just allowed to tell you that your opinion is misguided if you think you can relate to people who lost thousands of dollars into Hex; especially when you try to later downplay that by saying its fine if people didn't lose their shirt over it.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      @Eraia FFXIV is one example.
      The other is No Man's Sky, where they did massive changes to the game without closing it and opening another one.

      Both are success stories.

      The only advantage a new Hex would have over fixing the old one is the codebase.
      No Man's Sky had a gradual rebirth, but really got brought to attention when they did, essentially, a No Man's Sky 2.0 style move in the form of one of the big patch, that came with a heavy marketing push by Sony among others... this is not something I anticipate Hex will have the capital for... but maybe.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Here - see? What a bit of communication can do? Im playing again now after a year and half.

      I wonder what if they did not go dark - if only they were open and communicating for that year and a half - rotating drafts, bringing old sets back, making small changes here and there, changing the monetization... Oh well.

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    • OzawaWanderer wrote:

      So it's nice to see some live around here. But can we get some clues about what this hex 2 is?
      I'm going to go out on a limb and assume no, we cannot. At the moment, Hex2 is nothing. Consider this quote:

      Cory wrote:

      Even if we have to change the core gaming system, we will transmute your collection into its equivalent in HEX 2.
      This means that it is currently unknown whether the core gaming system will remain the same or not. Of course, it would be possible for Cory to provide clarification on what "core gaming system" means, but I think it's safe to assume that it refers to the game being a card game in the first place. If he can't even guarantee that, then I don't think he can guarantee any other information that you would want him to provide. I suppose lore could be decoupled from the game itself, but even then, it would be unwise to commit to anything specific at this time, just in case it doesn't mesh with their final vision years later.
    • Soooo...

      A weekly update somewhat worth login into the forums again...

      Sure, make a Hex 2. But you know what's important for this idea to have any chance to concretize, some day, maybe ?

      Don't let your community die. This game had a loving community, ready to give you even more funding money at times where it was obvious the boat was sinking, ready to make fan made PVE raids when you dropped PVE, ready to help with coding or design matters.

      But not a word for over a year, no encouraging the content creators, no stimulating articles, developper insight, or whatever. Just bland weekly updates for a year. The decision to let everything die had been made very clearly.

      So if Hex 2 ever exist, you better not act with such disdain toward a community that loved your work and shit in the soup over again. A good product is worth nothing if you spit at the face of the one that buys it.

      I don't mean to be mean, or to harass any of the Hex staff by saying this, a business failure is never easy, but take as the result of an extreme disappointement from someone who truly loved Hex and spent a lot of time and money into it, and saw it descend into videogame hell.

      My greetings to everyone in the forum, hope everybody is doing well.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • I'm happy to final see an update! Great news for HEX. If my opinions count, here are some.....

      1) Merry Caravan free to play I like and thank you.

      2) Hex 2? Not sure if needed but ok, all contents being transferred over then sure why not.

      3) PS plus members 2 free Evos, thank you! Helps us grinding PS-ers catch up to PC-ers from all their rewards.

      4) Immortal packs and decks for sale, good idea, good job.

      Here is what I like to say about HEX 2 and I hope this post by me is read and at least considered.

      Please, please, I beg of you have invited casual play. I really miss this from MTG and it's a great way to play 'FUN" or slow decks with friends that just won't do well on ladder. One on One freefall up to 4 players would be great. Maybe even a 2 headed giant. No rewards for this just casual invited game play.

      Maybe a better way to trade cards for PS players either with each other or with PC players.

      I know HEX has to be different then MTG but one thing that chaps my butt is playing a ruby shard then you play a fate weave blood shard (Essentially tapped mana) you can play a one drop blood card. NO! It's just not right. Same for when you play cards the color should be used along with card played. I think this makes the game play way to fast and leaves no room for recovery if you are down from your opponent.

      I think HEX should post stardust in AH for Plat and gold.

      Maybe HEX could also, I dont know once a month, post cards for sale in the AH. This would help HEX get plat and gold for the game and this would help balance the ridiculous pricing in the AC.

      Off topic but why isn't there card sound effects on PS? Call me chessy but I like hearing the card sound effects HEX made, I think they are cool.