Friday Update - Difficult Dreams

    • I am amazed they are keeping the servers up tbh. They also finally conceded that the focus on pve rather than pvp is the way to go. I still am not sure if we will see a hex 2.0, but I will be watching and waiting. NO ONE is focusing on a pve tcg like the original kickstarter envisioned, if you have that, than you struck gold.
    • Isn't there a perfect "Hawkeye meme" about hope for moments like this? Nevermind, but I have been patient and the time has come to get wordy and nerdy up in this...

      Anyway, ditto to all of the comments above. I honestly wasn't very vocal in these forums, but the Hex community across all platforms at it's zenith was simply amazing. I love you all and truly wish Cory and anyone else that ever commits to reading this nothing but health and happiness, no matter what dreams may come.

      As mentioned in today's update, I know we could dig up a ridiculous # of posts similar to what I'm about to spitball from years of forum ideas, but I am one of just a few extremely passionate players that have dreamed about a true MMOTCG PVE mode. I simply want to explain what I envision for that elusive group dynamic that could be the catalyst for Hex 2:

      If PVE is indeed a priority going forward, I hope you will find a way to incorporate fun multiplayer and procedurally generated dungeon runs. Hex can and should be known as a competitive, one-of-a-kind roguelike multiplayer TCG experience. This will embrace the existing Hex Campaign progression systems and allow them to shine in a brand new light. I'm talking about replay value out the wazoo! Fun bursts of GROUP and/or GUILD-building content with emphasis on actual camaraderie!

      Elevator pitch: 2 - 6 players running 30 - 60 minute long Dungeon run gauntlets that reward simultaneous decision-making in each encounter, with players initially selecting a specific role/class in a simple queue with a pivotal choice to begin your journey: Ardent or Underworld. Bonus XP will be given to guild-mates, but overall we are encouraged to cooperate with strangers and potentially gain new allies after each and every run. This last sentence may be considered unthinkable for many who consider online gaming a hobby in general this day and age, but stay with me.

      This will be the bread and butter PVE mode. Just hop in your faction's queue, starting out simple but eventually the whole team will start to feel OP if they combine strengths to form a united battalion of decks. Basically a Team Sealed challenge with your unique RPG Campaign character talents helping you make early decisions, but by the end playing your role perfectly will reward the catharsis of team victory via actual teamwork.

      Each completed run contributes to the evolution of my unique Entrath avatar, using the existing Hex AZ model of race + class that provides special, balanced perks and talent tree tiers. The initial weak starting decks that my favorite race can utilize will quickly increase in power during the course of a season with weekly personal loot goals and/or long-term farming for token shops found at each race's capital city, containing race-specific cards/gems/equipment/cosmetic pants/etc.

      Friends of all skill levels can coordinate and equally contribute at each stage to the larger strategy by acquiring team synergy bonuses. Elite guilds might want to train class specialists and grind as a unit to discover the best team composition the game has ever seen, while more casual guilds can earn "underdog achievements" by finding success with their favorite options that have statistically risky win-rates. Failed runs might even drop powerful consumables for all participants to empower future runs, only at the cost of a slower ascent in the PVE class ladder that season. This could even lead to rotating season "launch party hype". Each season having it's own theme to add complexity, new enemies, and encourage friendly Guild vs. Guild speed-running competitions at launch.

      Think Path of Exile meets Classic WoW meets Hearth...nah, forget the comparisons and just earn the reputation for Hex 2, the ONLY F'N MMOTCG! Have each season culminate in huge monthly Boss "raid race" events (streamed live with commentary from the Hex team) that are only accessible by teams of VIPs, class ladder champs, or extraordinary free-to-play legends. These events offer the ultimate Ferrari-level limited-time permanent cosmetics, and then we will all begin the next Hex 2 season with a clean slate, new buddies, and hopefully Top Tier Fun! (TM)

      This would be my Hex nirvana!

      Of course I'm sure many of the remaining PVE fanatics would happily pay a monthly "PVE VIP / Founder Fee" similar to Havoc's suggestion, to unlock all cosmetic options at the beginning of each season or whatever, just to make sure the lights stay on.

      Bonus: Not to get too carried away (too late, Vylokx!) but this might allow the abandoned Shards deck-building app by 80Arcade to thrive by somehow linking the mobile game to our PVE characters in exciting ways. Just a thought from a fan of both games.

      I didn't mean to write a whole essay of optimism that may end up being way too overblown and ambitious, so if this ends up as my final message regarding this game then I'll just do it right: I sincerely thank all the wonderful people who put countless hours into the Hex dream and community, both within the Hex Entertainment sausage-factory and in the millions of posts around this dusty, old forum. Viva Hex!

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    • I would just like to add my own voice to the group of people expressing hope and cautious long-term optimism.

      I hadn't thought about Hex in a very long time until now. In fact, it is by pure coincidence that I saw this open letter at all. (I had just joined a Discord server for a different game, noticed that I was still part of a Discord server with my Hex "guild", on a whim decided to look in there, and saw a link to the update.)

      I was with Hex from the Kickstarter while I was in college and played as far back as the very unstable (but still fun) Alpha. I invested with Pro tier plus some other stuff, but I continued to buy around $50 in Platinum each set for more cards. I can't remember the exact amount; it might have been more for some sets and less for others. What I do know is, even though I got one free draft each week with my Kickstarter tier (which I got for the great value of weekly free packs, even though I was terrible at drafting), I greatly preferred Sealed events. From what I remember, I actually had a really good win ratio in Evo Sealed, so I would have loved to be able to use my free draft token in those instead, but I digress.

      Throughout my Hex career, I achieved many impressive (in my mind at least) accomplishments that I am proud of. My memory is poor, so it is possible that some details are wrong, but these stand out to me:
      * In the first tournament that gave the "Salty Sam" mercenary (which I had a lot of fun using in PvE with my Cloud deck), I did well enough to get it, and I never considered myself good at PvP.
      * In some major PvP tournament (probably the same one), I got a surprisingly good win record with my tier-2 Vampire deck. Looking at the tournament statistics that followed, I noticed that I had the highest win ratio among people who used the same champion. I even managed a 50% win rate against the frustratingly powerful red Yeti Burn decks that were dominating the meta at the time.
      * Due to the weekend release event for some set that I was really good at in Sealed, I once got up to "Cosmic" ranking in limited PvP, and for a short time, I was actually in the top 10 there.
      * I had a lot of fun at GenCon 2016, the one year I went there. I enjoyed meeting Cory and my Hex guild friends in person. I still have the signed Saarthu and Armies of Myth posters that I got hanging on my wall.
      * Although not a PvP triumph, I also want to mention that I really enjoyed getting all of my different dragons in play with my Clatterclank mercenary. Also, The Wrath of Zakiir was my single favorite card. Clearly, I love dragons.
      * I was the "Baby Yeti vs. the Vennin" minigame champion! My high score also allowed me to spoil some card/mercenary I can't remember.

      A few years ago, I went on a hiatus from Hex. This is because I was working full-time while pursuing my Masters degree, so I couldn't spare the several hours each week I normally spent playing Hex. Two years later, I returned to find that it was "dead". That saddened me. Even though I bought the Pro tier during the Kickstarter, I was actually more interested in PvE, and there weren't any updates there for me to enjoy. After spending a few hours waiting in empty draft queues on a few different days, I just left. Merry Melee looked interesting (especially the formats with randomized decks provided for you, since I prefer Sealed over Constructed), but that alone wasn't enough to keep me.

      I don't expect "Hex 2" to show up any time soon, and I won't trust any potential release dates that I hear even if they are 10+ years out, but should such a game be unveiled in the future, it will have my support. In the meantime, I now have an incentive to return to Hex (at least on Mondays) to play some games. Maybe the drafts will fire now, or maybe I'll ignore them and try other formats to just have fun.
    • I didn't back let's be honest my... Finances suck being disabled and not able to really 'get out there.' But I used to be one of the most active people here (to point of grating on people's nerves) As one of the biggest Pro PVErs in the community one thing I hope Hex can keep is the mechanics which are fantastic. The fact that mana can be used every turn is pretty awesome sadly Hex lost that lawsuit to Magic I believe...? Thus they'll probably have to create new mechanics... But whatever happens I as the biggest PVE fan who SINGLE-HANDEDLY solved the entire plot of Chapter 1 PVE by artwork and flavor text alone my biggest hope is Hex keeps everything as is.

      Shin'hare ruthless bastards who are necromancers with a Feudal Japan theme and are utterly obsessed with the disturbing trope of "We Have Reserves" To it's most logical extreme.

      Orcs obsessed with bloodlust and war.

      Elves obsessed with wine and make merry.

      Humans obsessed with exploring the ultimate truths of Hexing Gems.

      Vennen: With their zealotry to insane degrees.

      Necrotic with their bizarre 'realist' take on dead bodies and mysterious Hive Mind...

      Dwarves with their homicidal obsession with steampunkry weapons of mass destruction

      And finally my favorite (heroic) faction. Coyotles. Their beautiful shaminisim and their fantastically awesome and impossible save in a Digital TCG format mechanic of Prophecy.

      Also the various sub factions such as the FRIGGEN AWESOME PLANT ZOMBIES and the punk hyenas led by a mad scientist.

      All this lore is awesome and I love most factions and have a large collection. I just hope to continue enjoying Hex if it revives itself. As long as you can keep as much mechanics as possible alive and the lore the same (even if you guys 'reset' the series) I'll as your oficailly nicknamed Lore Hound will be happy as a Coyotle during a meteor shower.
      Lore Hound: Self Proclaimed Expert to Hex Lore (and right 80% of time with theories)
    • On the one hand, I'm really glad that the game isn't just completely folding. Despite the various problems throughout its lifetime, I don't regret the money I put into Hex from the Kickstarter and onward. I think Hex is a fantastic game (the first two sets especially). It would be a shame for Hex to just die with a whimper which is how things had been looking for sometime now, so in a lot of ways this is very good news despite obviously being in an early and very vague stage.

      However, I also can't ignore the fact that we just went through over 14 months of radio silence. I understand that there were probably a lot of things going on behind the scenes that just couldn't be talked about. But 14 months. Over a year of the community having no idea from week to week if the next Friday update would be the one that announces the game's shutdown. All those months where people had just written off their tournament winnings. Over a year of Cory not posting a single tweet. Not so much as a "Hey I'm still here and looking at our options."

      Prior to this whole communication blackout starting there was also the situation with artists' pay, which doesn't need to be rehashed but it was another situation that could have been communicated or handled better. I really want Hex to have a future but I don't have faith in the current leadership to manage the business end of it. I appreciate that Cory apologizes at the end there for disengaging but that fact of the matter is that he did disengage and for a long damn time. I realize Hex was his dream and I understand that this was a dark time for him but disengaging is not good community management, it's not good customer service, and it is flat-out not good leadership. Hex 2, whatever that ends up being is going to be a long hard endeavor if it does start to get off the ground and it can't be run by somebody who is potentially going to pull a vanishing act when things aren't going well. Cory seems like a great idea and game design guy, but he really needs to step back from the business end of things.

      But I do thank you Cory for at least finally saying something/
    • Pandaemonium wrote:

      They also finally conceded that the focus on pve rather than pvp is the way to go
      It was a mistake to abandon PvE, for sure, but it will also be a mistake to go in the complete other extreme. PvE would not and could not replace PvP's revenue and appeal. They must find a balance. If previously it was PvP:PvE 85:15, a shift to 60:40 would do wonders. If I had to use a random example, they didn't have to release so many new PvP sets per year.
    • Awesome to hear again from you Cory. I personally know you were always very passionate about Hex.
      Good to finally hear some actual news about this game again and I really hope Hex 2 can become a serious endeavor.
      For me this game is still the best online tcg game in the market and I would love to help you out again with anything you need in the future. I can even start the 2turnsahead podcast again once we start to have more interesting news.
      One thing I would really love for hex 2 is to make it mobile platform friendly. How awesome would that be.
      Can't wait to hear more about the future plans for this game. Mark Elysion Doezé
    • Glad to hear from you again Cory. And see how lively the thread suddenly became? It seems many veterans have still been lurking around to see if something moves, just like me. Might be really healthy to keep up some kind of communication going forward. I'll be sure to keep an eye on how the game develops and might join one of those monday drafts with the devs if I find the time. One thing is for sure: I've had a great time with Hex and really hope I will have again in the future. Best of luck to you!
    • This news makes me very happy, i never gave up hope but being in a bad way my self i had to step away as time went on without any news.

      Now i will drag my friends back by the legs if i have to and we will enjoy some Merry melee the way i always inteded it to be fun and casual.
    • I'm glad to see a reply with actual information and I'm surprised and happy that the game is still going to be around. I've been on lurk mode for a while now but it will be nice to see if this helps get things moving again. Hope to see it grow back up in the next few years! I'll be watching
    • Man look at all these names popping in to say they still want to play Hex.

      Honestly, after a break like that, this game should have been buried. But you can tell it's got a good core product. I'd like to see it do well, but I think, like most people in this thread, it'd take something very tangible to get me back into Hex.
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