Friday Update - Difficult Dreams

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      Just a little suggestion of what can be done in the short-term to attract some new players:

      When I stopped playing Hex and and got into Pokémon online I noticed an interesting format that they have called Theme deck. I realised after trying it that it is an awesome intro into a TCG for PVP players. It is a format for players to enter with only pre-constructed decks - levelling the playing fields dramatically. Check it out.
      Since HEX already created pre-constructued decks in the store, why not just implement pre-constructed ladder and tournaments also.

      Should be a quick and easy win. I definitely believe it works as a format. I was able to get into pokemon quickly and after about a month of Theme format, enter the upper echelons of Standard constructed play.
      They have this for PS4 players but never implemented it for PC ones. Such a shame, as I think it's a great idea.
      Can verify i enjoy the fairness of that format a lot and it doesn't stop some people from buying multiple if not all theme decks so it certainly doesn't kill your income either. That said it would pretty much require their to be new decks made for every set for there to be enough rock paper scissors in the format.
      Well... it's a TCG game, there should be people qualified in the staff for that. If they have issued creating 4/5 starter decks per set just shut down everything.
      (Or, you know, if you have a community, maybe even some people might help you do it for some plat and the love to help the game...)
      Dont split up the low population hex has over even more formats. That way you are just making the chance to start a tournament lower and lower.
      Didnt they had set 10 ready with only the art that needed to be done???? Cant they release it with temporal art since they are gonna work on a new version
    • Haven't posted in a long while,

      but I want to thank Cory for the honest words.

      I really, really love HEX and will be back once you guys have another go.

      On a side note, I think even the game as it is now could be resuscitated with a well-targeted, well-copywritten online ad campaign. A relaunch, so to speak. There are 7B people on this planet, I'm sure a hundred whales can be hunted to keep the place up and running. And at our previous peaks, we had sufficient players to keep queues firing in a comfortable manner. And if we need to have bots temporarily filling the queues as a stopgap, it wouldn't hurt anyone.

      I'll try to remember to login next Monday!
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      Damn, first of all welcome back Cory, long time no see you, really glad to see you didn't give up Hex, seeing your message made me want to play a game again, on of the things I noticed tough is that even tough i am winning in constructed ranked left and right (has I should since i am a ex-cosmic player with cosmic showdown experience)
      It is taking me too long to climb these is mainly due to 3 issues:
      1st issue, there is not enough players playing the game (this is new time could be resolved with new updates inviting new players).

      2nd issue ,we have been on doombringer so long ( about to hit 3 years probably) that the meta just feels stale and there is nothing new to see, with the same broken decks still being broken and with no counterplay, leaving the game in this set was a huge mistake has there is nothimg more to see in the ranked ladder, this can be resolved by having a new set launched, since that would mean some sets would rotate out and the game would be looking new again

      3rd issue, it doesn't feel rewarding winning in a row like it was before, i remember clearly that when you won alot before you could gain up to 5 stars, ofc if you also lose alot you would end up loing up to 3 stars(someone correct me if i am wrong) now with the current system you win and only gain 2 stars and you lose you lose 1 star, you will eventually climb ofc but it makes it painfully slow, i really hope they bring the old system back and rewards players who win alot and not just the players who win alot in cosmic
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      My biggest issue right now is that the game is horribly unstable. I never used to have crashes, but now the game locks up every 15 minutes or so at worst. No amount of changes matter in the future, if the servers are not up to scratch. HEX is still an amazing game (it is all coming back to me how uniquely perfect this game used to be), but if it's literally unplayable, there is no hope. Fix your server problems! I haven't changed anything and I used to have smooth-as-silk experience before, so it's something on your end. Goddamn I missed this game.