Encountered weird Loose-Situation after being overpowered in a pve fight.

    • Encountered weird Loose-Situation after being overpowered in a pve fight.

      So, today i had a weird round. i was just playing a bit around with constants that create random troops (Diamond, 8 cost, spawns a random troop that shares a class with character at the beginning of each round) - since i got a troop that was able to copy any constant i had like 12 in the end and got 12 new troops each round which is surely overpowered. I had lots of health, still enough cards in my deck (about 20+ i think), character is priest human.
      The issue: i had like 100+ troops, a few of them quite op with all boons (lethal, first strike, rage 20+ etc), but at the end it suddenly gave me the loose- screen. so i want to ask.. is there any way to find out what troop i must have rolled that was able to like instantly clear my deck, reduce about 200 health or any other loose condition as a Deploy? i seriously have no idea, as there isn't even a way to see what card got rolled, no log ingame which card were played etc...

      i can send the output.log file if that can help. would rather send it to staff tho, as i'm not sure if its possible to find login data or something like that in that file.

      Thanks in advance,
    • Hi,
      I know that under certain circumstances the game doesn‘t resolve everything on the chain and instead just tosses a coin to determine the winner.
      That‘s the instance with too many things going on after each other.
      It‘s possible that you got a troop with a (in your case) huge deploy effect like „deploy: transform every other creature you control“ or „when this comes into play, roll 5 dice for every permanent card on the board“ - so the game, instead of counting and calculating for half an hour, just ends the match.
    • Are you absolutely sure that you had *only* 200 health? There is a known issue where if you end up with too much health (I think the limit is around 65535, or the value that a signed 16-bits integer can hold), then gaining more health will overflow the value into a negative number, causing the game to think you were dead.

      Considering you were summoning 12 new clerics every turn, and that you had 100+ troops in play (the majority of them being clerics I would assume), if a good chunk of them ended up being Adamanthian Scrivener, you might have been gaining an enormous amount of health for the last few turns, and that last turn pushed your health total above the theoritical limit. That is one possible scenario that I can think of that could have made you lost from a "on deploy" trigger.