Bug [Rotpaw Gang] loop sacrifice

    • Bug [Rotpaw Gang] loop sacrifice

      1.After AI opponent in frost arena play --->[Rotpaw Gang] it start using his ability

      -->[sacrifice another troop -->Choose One:This get [Flight] ;or this get [Lifedrain]]

      2. the problem is, it continue sacrifice other creature EVEN AFTER IT ALREADY HAVE IT(both of them).
      3. it basically sacrifice all of his creature and if he summon new one he sacrifice it straight away.
    • You can apply a keyword ability to a creature that already has it -- i.e., giving Flight to a creature with Flight -- though it doesn't do anything. So this is not a bug as such, it's a legal play within Hex's rules.

      (The AI making profoundly silly sacrifice decisions is arguably a bug, but it's not as though they're ever going to do another AI update.)