• 1.I got in play [Grim Harvester] 2/2
      2. Because of special effect of battelground (frost arena effect--->[troops without [Flight] get -1/0] )
      3. So me [Grim Harvester] is now 1/2
      4.I play [Valor] on [Grim Harvester] so he should be now 2/3 BUT instead it change to 0/4 ???? why????

      the opponent got [Basic-summon ability so it is not interfering the mechanic here)

      5. Non other card in play/graveyard have any ability that grant or explain the results 0/4 instead 2/3

      6.when i play [Valor] on my troop, non other troop/card have been played by my opponent,
      nor any creature have been
      [sacrifice] and/or
      [die] and/or
      [used an ability]

      (i checked the graveyard and the void to).