Bug [Lethal] +[Swiftstrike] not work

    • Bug [Lethal] +[Swiftstrike] not work

      1. i got [Giant Mosquito] 1/1 that got [Lethal] ability
      2. i us [Mettle] on it, so now it got [Swiftstrike] ability to

      3. opponent play [Storm Drummer] and got it in play, that grants next troop from deck that he play ability ---> [Deploy - you may have this battle target opposing troop]
      4. opponent play [Caribaur Healer] that he draw from deck and chose target troop --->my [Giant Mosquito] as valid target and make them fight

      5. both troops die

      6 the thing is me [Giant Mosquito] have [Lethal] + [Swiftstrike] and opponent troop do not have [Swiftstrike]
      7.so my [Giant Mosquito] should deal damage to [Caribaur Healer] as priority [Swiftstrike] and because I got [Lethal] the [Caribaur Healer] should die, before he is able to deal [normal] dmg back, to my [Giant Mosquito]

      8.[Lethal] ability trigger as [Caribaur Healer] 4/4 die after fight, but it should die before it dealt dmg to me [Giant Mosquito] 2/2

      9. the results should be my [Giant Mosquito] live and [Caribaur Healer] die.