new game called Phageborn

    • Their dev team is active on Reddit with modposts once or twice per week. They usually answer questions.
      The buy-to-play model is one of the reasons Artifact died. I mentioned it and asked for their opinion but, obviously, didn't get a straight answer.

      It's also important to note that there will be no way to buy cards or boosters in that game, everything is unlocked via activity. So what if a player joins a couple months (or years) after the initial release? How disadvantaged would they be?

      I liked the few things they revealed concerning the gameplay (the 2v2 on release being on of them), but for a small studio with zero history asking money upfront and not talking about their schedule of releasing new sets or cards, I'd bet that their game will flop.
    • artifact was not the same buy to play correct me if im wrong...

      buying a game and then paying for packs was some of the artifact gripe...

      in Phageborn you will not be buying packs.

      and i mean in the age of BFA Blizzard/Activision , Anthem Bioware/EA having a ton of money and prior games didn't really do them any favors.

      the game is fun so i'm fine with paying some money

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    • Vroengard wrote:

      Bizznach wrote:

      the game is fun
      You're playing their Beta?

      little is known about future road maps yet.

      not worried about b2p games if i like the sound of what they are doing.

      i didn't comment on no boosters to buy because i assumed that is what buy to play loot boxes.
      anyways i'm just telling people i know who play cards that there is a new card game check it out or not.

      hell they have given out next to zero info how the hell can anyone tell weather they will succeed or fail.

      they had day 1 and 2 of beta.

      anyways later all

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    • AceBladewing wrote:

      So how do they plan additional expansions? Paid DLC?
      I've asked them once or twice but they have avoided to answer that, yet.

      Bizznach wrote:

      i assumed that is what buy to play meant
      Well, if you missed their previous devblogs, their plan is

      1. Initial purchase of the game
      2. No any transactions with regards to gameplay (i.e. they don't sell cards/boosters)
      3. Complete silence on future card release plan. We don't know how often they will add new cards, how they will add them or how you'll be able to get them.
    • The days of getting into a card game early in the dev cycle is pretty much over for me. I will give the game a try after 6 to 8 months if there are still people playing.

      Right now playing mtga and honestly it will take a seriously awesome game for me to leave mtga. Mythgard, phageborn and other card games just dont seem to have the staying power.