Equipment not working as intended

    • Equipment not working as intended

      I know you probablly don't care because this game is dying, but there are still a few of us playing it and that would like to have the existing content to work bug free and as designed.

      Two equipment doesnt work correctly or at least doesnt do what they should:

      Pandemonium perforators for The Ruins of Ripplewood. The text and effect of the card is totally unchanged only working with card with cost X and not X or less as intended. Pretty annoying.

      Sadistics stompers for Cruel Sentence, read draw 2 cards and loss 2 Health but instead the effect is : Draw 2 cards and lose 2 health for each card. So 4 Health in total.

      I hope you still care enough for this game to correct this bug, specialy the one for Ruin of Ripplewood. You made a great card pretty useless by changing it (Along with Nazhk Lookout and Gift of Phenteo) when you launched the awfull siege format who almost nobody like and then couldn't even correct your mistake when creating the equipment
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