Pack Hunter and Brown Fox Scout

  • Pack Hunter and Brown Fox Scout

    There is a deck i've been trying to play for a while but i can't due to a bug with Brown Fox Scout and Pack Hunter.

    Essentially the copies that pack hunter makes of Brown Fox Scout don't show up on top of the deck.
    The effect to see and play the top card of the deck if brown fox scout is there simply doesn't work with copies placed into the deck.
    The copies act as a normal card and are face down on top of the deck, with no highlight that the card is playable.
    It's a pretty big deal when the main focus of the deck is to generate card advantage by putting a bunch of scouts into the deck and play them off the top for extra free cards.

    It snuck in a month or so back, there was a time when it didn't happen, but it's been happening since then.