So what's the problem Hex is facing now?

    • AceBladewing wrote:

      It's honestly not that great. To me, it's slow and cumbersome. I don't like having to choose between playing cards and taking actions with the cards I've already played.
      To each their own. This is one of the things I love about it. It creates a lot of interesting decision points and is thematic too.

      Goliathus wrote:

      Anyone mind explaining to me in what aspects Kards did well? I tried the starter decks and such but I am not finding the brilliance of it so far. The negative review on Steam stating how hard it is to earn coin as a F2P also sort of stagger my will.
      The reward system could be a bit more generous. I like how the daily rewards (missions) can be earned in any mode, including against the AI. But getting one new mission per 24h is boring. Should be 2-3. Something to suggest to the devs.

      For reference, I've played 17 hours. Between daily missions, achievements, and a welcome bonus, I have earned 14 packs plus materials to craft several cards. To me this is low. Considering the welcome bonus and that achievements are one time awards, it should be fairly higher. 1 pack/hour long term would be reasonable to me.

      Not sure how this compares to other F2P games, though.

      EDIT: Actually, I've spent a lot of time in-game looking at cards (text, artwork, and accompanying historical blurb), theory-crafting decks, and just doing other things online while the game was open, that actual play time is probably ~15 hours.
    • Ramundi wrote:

      Autzen wrote:

      Let me preface this by saying I'm kind of a WW2 history nerd. But check out Kards. It's just released, a little rough around the edges, but I think it has some good potential.
      I don't know whether to kiss you or slap you. Tried the game out last night and I'm hooked. I might actually be willing to drop some cash on a digital card game again, damn you.
      Do you happen to know if they will wipe collections post-Early Access or anything like that? Couldn't find any info online.
      To my knowledge they aren't planning wipes. First season ends tomorrow, they are already adding cosmetic (gold) cards, and are laying out a roadmap. The one time in life I clicked a random facebook ad, and I'm super glad I did.
    • Honestly, play Eternal. I wish I had switched to it sooner. It is everything Hex should have been minus campaign and it’s only a matter of time. Spent probably circa $3K on this game. All those GK, raid leader, pro and DD crawlers does I bought at premium :(.