Why not go full on free to play?

    • Why not go full on free to play?

      I understand that Hex is in a pretty bad spot, but why isn't anything being done to save the game?

      Hex is a fun game, I don't think anyone would argue that. I think the monetization is a huge factor into why a lot of people didnt give Hex an honest try. So maybe it's time to stop trying to mimic the physical collectibles market and adapt to the digital market. Why not Remonitize and remarket the game as fully free to play?

      Look at Artifact. It had a more experienced development team and presumably larger development budget and it's preforming horribly. It also has something in common with Hex, the same monitization that physical tcgs have. I'm not surprised that both games are failing in an already over crowded market. Physical tcgs are too expensive and there are too many good free to play alternatives.

      As a free to play game Hex could actually begin to rebuild it's player base and with a healthy player base there is plenty of money to be made from cosmetics(sleeves, aa cards, battleboards).

      Here is how I would go about making it a free to play game.

      1. Drop pack price to 25 plat. This makes it almost free but not quite. People will still buy packs at this price even if there is a way to quickly grind for packs.

      2. Remove the non pack tournament/gauntlet fees. This makes it actually free, you can grind out a few packs on merry melee then enter an evo/sealed/draft. It will make grinding for packs something anyone can easily do but still require a lot of time to grind out full sets.

      3. Remove primal chance from tournament/gauntlet rewards. This gives people more incentive to buy over grinding.

      4. Remove chest generating from packs used to join a tournament/gauntlet. This gives people a reason to open packs outside of tournaments/gauntlets.

      5. Remove or significantly reduce the gold cost to roll chests. No one likes the fee and it tacks a negative experience onto what should be a mostly positive one.

      6. Rebrand "pve" cards, call them something different and make a pvp mode that includes them. There isn't enough pve content for all of the pve cards and equipment and mercs that we have, yet these are some of the more fun cards to play around with. With no pve content on the horizon why not get some use out this content on the pvp side?

      7. Temporarily remove seige and the campaign. They aren't finished and you can tell. Remove them until a more complete experience can be provided.

      8. Put retired packs back on the store. Stop trying to make functional content exclusive. It makes people who missed out not want to play the game. This goes for pvp sets and kismet packs.

      9. When there is a seasonal event make it so that there is an 87% chance to get the new rewards a 10% chance to get a reward from a previous event and a 3% percent chance to get a KS reward. Time gated exclusive content is bad when it's functional content. This applies to KS rewards too. No one wants to show up late to the party only to find a ton of cool shit happened prior to their arrival, and that is all that these exclusives are. Cosmetics on the hand can be exclusive all day.

      10. If the community ever increases enough to support it, put in rotating flashback limited and constructed.

      11. Set up cosmetic monitization something like this:
      AA cards 100 plat, 300 for a set
      AAA cards 400 plat, 1200 for a set.
      Sleeves 500-1000 plat
      Animated sleeves 1000-2000 plat
      Battle boards 2000-3500 plat
      Stop giving cosmetics away during events and as tournament rewards, this should be the primary source of income.

      A lot of work has been pit into Hex already, it seems like a huge waist just to sit by and watch the game linger on life support. I don't see why Hex with all of the content that is already in the game can't get back to a state of active development. Sure it wouldn't be the game that was originally imagined with rare cards selling for crazy amounts of cash. Maybe it was a mistake to ever go that route. Maybe Hex should try to be the fun game that it already is and not so much the investment opportunity that it wanted to be. Or maybe this post is a year too late and the devs have already thrown in the towel.
    • CoSVII wrote:

      Perhaps 2 years ago ...

      This the 11th hour and there is no hope on the horizon. The last communication from the CEO was “a few words” 9 months ago.

      Many anticipat the plug being pulled on the servers as soon as the PS4 contract is up.
      Indeed...all plans and suggestions now are coming two years too late. The patient is dead and decaying on the ground and actually you can already see the skeleton. So it might be a little pointless to debate on what medicine to prescribe.

      Thing is of course that two years ago you would have been labeled a constant cry baby for raising concerns.

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    • Yep, I remember bringing up concerns over the pricing model way back before alpha started, the most popular response was "welcome to tcgs". I still feel like it's the biggest reason Hex never caught on.

      Maybe now is the best time to implement a change of this nature. With the player base so small they have less to lose then they ever have before. There wouldn't be a huge backlash, in fact people would probably welcome any change at this point.