Trade equipment with me

    • Trade equipment with me

      Hi im getting kind of flooded with some extra equips with value. And im also looking for some that i dont have . I want to trade for them not buying them.
      Im trying for days now to ask in trade chat in game but i think it'll be easier here with the list of what i have and what i need.
      Please take a look a the list an think about a deal we can make together (the goal is to do fair trades so dont hesitate to ask for multiple equips in exchange ;) )

      What i need:

      -Robo-Oil for Robogoyle (I found that one)
      -Cloudfeather Fan for Cloudwalk
      -Illuminated Sheet Music for Choir of Lumos
      -Blightwater Paddle for Blightwater Ferryman
      -Reactive Power Core for Blaze of Glory
      to be continued...

      My extras: (find what you need here)


      -Dreamthread Mittens for Whimsy Witch
      -Ballroom Brogues for Ballroom Blitz
      -Size Tens for Double Down
      -Brosi's Party Pipe for Wrath of Brosi
      -Tent Pole for The Pleasure Tent
      -The Goldfather's Ring for Shamrock, The Goldfather
      -Rotting Tooth for Lurking Rotjaw

      from FRA:

      -Helm of Life for Pact of Life -Helm of the Highlands for Highlands Magus -Hood of the Holiday Feast for Holiday -Armor of the High Cleric for Xocoy, High Cleric -Briggadon's Chestplate for Fist of Briggadon -Duelist's Tabard for Jags the Blademaster -Rusted Chestplate for Leeching Burrower -Wrenlocke's Chestplate for Archmage Wrenlocke -Banner-bearing Handwraps for Rallying Banner -Battleborn Boots for Living Totem -Chain Shoes of Oblivion for Soul Cube -Claw-toed Kickers for Scarcliff Chimera -Doomseeker Boots for Argus, Herald of Doom -The Mirrorblade for Replicator's Gambit -Drifter's Lament for Eternal Drifter -Pegasus Feather for Spearcliff Cavalier -The Harbinger for Malice Demon


      -Catacomb Sandals for Search the Catacombs
      -Hood of Undying for Soulreaper
      -Plow Pushers for Pack Plower
      -Cereus Headdress for Life From Death
      -Starmender's War Bonnet for Wakuna Starmender
      -The Randomly Sorting Hat for Apprentice Trio
      -Capitulation Chestguard for Succumb To Madness
      -Fury Blade Vestments for Furybringer
      -Immaculate Breastplate for Immaculate Mortrus
      -Pathfinder Cloak for Pathfind
      -Robes of Yazukan for Disciple of Yazukan
      -Shell on Wheels for Wolsy Wabbit
      -Engulfing Gauntlets for Engulfing Cataclyst
      -Hair of the Dog for Fatalfuel Alpha
      -Hyperactive Mitts for Sugar Rush
      -Moltcreek Mitts for Moltcreek Witch
      -Smiter's Bracers for Ashwood Smiter
      -Breached Socks for The Ruin of Ripplewood
      -Mysterious Treads for Weave the Mystery
      -Slippers of the Skirmisher for Graveblade Skirmisher
      -Carnasaurus Tooth for Carnasaurus
      -Binding of Doom for Breath of Kha
      -Forsaken Figure for Forsake the Shards

      From PVE : Too many to list ! Ask me what you need !

      Co & Unco:

      Too many to list ! Ask me what you need !

      Thank you :thumbsup:

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