almost new and need help

    • almost new and need help

      hii, i play hex since 3 month. i built different decks for battles and frost arena. but i lost game %90 of it. in hex, getting some good cards is very slow for new players. can some old players help me for rare cards if have extra of them? sorry for my english.

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    • i need help for 3 different decks and i search some good cards for my decks; i list all best missing cards for my decks
      first; ruby/wild deck: i need 4xRighteous Outlaw, 3xescape goat, 1xCommunion of Wax, 2xPrimordial Sabretooth, 4xWell of Savagery

      second; blood/diamond deck (i use constants but i need to add some discard cards) : i need 2xPrimordial Cockatwice, 4xDemented Whispers, 4xWell of Retribution

      third; frost arena deck. sapphire/wild deck (enter the dream using): 4xSpring Renewal, 4xEnter the Dream, 2xWoken Drokkatar, 4xChlorophyllia, 4xSilent Auctioneer, 4xDream Dance
      equipments: Gardener's Hat, Dancing Boots,Dream Staff

      if someone help me, i would be grateful.
      Thank you.
    • These are unlikely to be cards that are just given away. Frankly I bet with the current economy you could send an email to the folks running

      Send them a list of these cards you want and a reasonable price you are willing to pay ...

      Considering booster packs are selling for as little as .20 a pack real money I’m sure you can complete these three decks for a reasonable amount.

      At this point the inventory of has diminished significantly in future value and they are likely to accept a reasonable cash offer.

      Of course if you are just wanting people to give these cards to you and not pay any cash ... well good luck
    • Thank you for this supportive post.!

      i dont want all of them (thats all cards really expensive, i know), i only say, what decks i use and needs

      i write all cards I need, because maybe someone dont want to give me Righteous Outlaw, but can give escape goat or some of others

      i think maybe some old players help me for some of that cards.maybe no one help me, i ask only. i don't force anyone.

      thanks anyway.