Feeling stoked!

    • Feeling stoked!

      Whaddup Remaining Hex Players!

      I can't really express just how much I will miss the excellent game that was Hex: Shards of Fate, and my gratitude to all on the development team who sincerely put their hearts into the game for as long as they did.

      For anyone left on these forums who have not yet checked out the soon-coming release of the online-card-game "Phageborn", you might care to head over to phageborn.com or reddit.com/r/phageborn/. The independent developing team originates out of Croatia, and they've got some great ideas for the game that MIGHT fill in the Hex gap: dual resource system, dual-lane battlefield, Avatars, 1v1 AND 2v2 battle modes, dark and foreboding beautiful card art, and a VERY interactive community manager named "Fratman". There's nothing to lose in simply checking the project out :D.

      Hope you're all doing well!

    • I cannot seem to find almost any gameplay video or info about the game. Everything is "under construction" on the main page as well. I need a lot more to even get remotely interested. Interviews don't count. I don't trust any developer anymore.

      Monetization model?
      Lanes = yuck!
      Only PvP?
      Small indie studio? Could be a disaster again.
      Real card game or puzzles?
      Time limits?

      Good to know there are more card games coming, but this goes under "check if this game is still alive in a year or so" for me. I have a bad feeling about this.

      Thanks for the heads-up though, OP. Always interesting to hear about new card games.