[TRADING POST] ShadowRealm - WTT/WTS Cloud King / Chronic Madness (+5 Herofall packs) sleeves codes

    • [TRADING POST] ShadowRealm - WTT/WTS Cloud King / Chronic Madness (+5 Herofall packs) sleeves codes

      Hi everyone,
      Welcome to ShadowRealm's Trading Post! Feel free to browse, offer and ask :)

      As I'm often sending trade offers on HEX TCGBrowser and still miss some cards (to complete my playsets and / or for some deck ideas), I decided to post a list here as well.

      Please PM me here, in-game or send a trade offer on TCGBrowser for an easier and quicker reply.

      1st thing, here are the links to my auto-synced Tradelists (always up to date):


      /!\ I currently still have a Cloud King Sleeve code, and a Chronic Madness Sleeve +5 Herofall packs code, for sale / trade!
      Also selling / trading my equipment set - Phantasmal Armor / Grips - for Spectral Acorn / Mystic Squirrel (if trading, mainly for Slaughtergear's Reaver)

      And my Wishlists both for cards and equipment needs of the moment (priority order = from top to bottom):

      - Kismet pack cards and equipment

      Trading 1x Dauntless Rootshaper AA for 1x Escape Goat AA (latest Collector's cards)

      - 1x Ryaalinth the Soulcursed
      - 1x Webspeaker Cenobite
      - 4x Bride of the Damned
      - 4x Daughter of the Poet
      - 1x Juurdin
      - 2x Cerulean Sky Mage

      - 2x Slaughtergear's Reaver
      - 1x Well of Cunning
      - 3x Well of Retribution
      - 3x Well of Savagery
      - 2x Well of Conquest
      - 3x Well of Instinct

      - Old Man's Chest
      - Victim's Memento
      - Set 6 ones but no hurry

      - Set 6 ones

      Other things from my Wishlist depending on offers (also note that I'm not interested in cards I already got a playset of between the AA version and the regular ones, like Goremaster for example):


      Thanks a lot, feel free to contact me anytime as I'll update the lists here as best as possible with current needs!

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