PS4 Trophy (Hex Addict)

    • PS4 Trophy (Hex Addict)

      Hey everybody,

      don't know, if anybody could still enlighten me, but as a last resort, I'll give it a shot:

      Does anyone know the requirement(s) for said trophy? ?(
      (Trophy discription: "Win 100 ranked matches.")
      I won way over 100 constructed ranked matches (had to tick them off on a sheet of paper -.-), but couldn't get the trophy to pop.
      If I am looking at the PSN-rarity (on both, the NA- and EU-version) for that trophy it shows 0,1% (so at least 1 person was able to unlock it), but at all trophy-hunting-sites (i.e. psnprofiles) noone was able to pop it.

      So either the trophy can't get achieved due to a bug (and the 0,1% was hacked) or the requirements stated are just unprecise or plain wrong. ?(

      If I unterstand it correctly, you have to win 100 matches (not rounds) at the standard constructed ladder (since that is the only ranked mode (?)).
      Well I have way over 150 wins. I even managed to get 100+ in one season in one leauge (gold).
      I even managed to get myself to level 100 (level 100 <-> 100 wins), but neither did that get me the trophy...
      The only thing I am unsure of, what does the 'system' counts as a win (forfeits, disconnections, time-outs), since everything awards me with a star in the ladder, but there isn't any kind of statistics ingame...

      Maybe someone of the veteran-players can answer it?!
      Would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance
    • I'm curious about this myself since I haven't been able to get it on my ps4 account either.
      I know the deal 100 damage in a single turn trophy only needs 10 damage instead of 100.
      I think it just bugged at some point. Maybe when Cosmic Coins were introduced. Kind of disappointing really. @Dinotropia Would hope they can at least find the time to fix it when they patch in the next ladder rewards.