How would you have done raids?

    • How would you have done raids?

      Obviously Hex never got around to it. It's a difficult thing to implement, because PvE cards are so powerful. I'm curious how you guys would have gone about implementing raids, in light of the possibility they would be made trivial by powerful decks.

      Would there be limited or unlimited entry?
      What kind of rewards would you put behind the raid?
      How would you handle difficulty?

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      I think I'd lock entry to a raid behind a dungeon drop (common or 100% drop from a specific dungeon) that, when consumed, allowed a player and his party 5-8 tries for a 3-hour period or until the raid's defeated. Players wouldn't be able to spam the raid for loot, but it wouldn't be so difficult to go in if you wanted. Just enough of a roadblock to make it exciting to do with a chance of failure. This also prevents players from spamming a low-chance combo over and over.

      I'm not personally sure on rewards. I think a couple of the cards on the more-powerful-side are appropriate, so 3-5 cards per raid along with their equipment. And probably a mercenary for good measure. I think power level here is more important than theme. 'Cool' cards are neat, but not really a good reward for the 'most difficult' content. They should pretty much all be impressive in effect. If they end up getting out of hand, it might be reasonable to put a 1-raid-card restriction on decks, so you can't just run full decks of overpowered things, but to be perfectly honest, top end pve is already all about that.

      As for difficulty, that's the hardest problem of this whole mess. Multi-stage fights that reset the board are one solution, but you also have to handle mill decks. We don't have alternative-win-con cards at the moment, so that's not a problem for raids yet. One tempting approach is to give each raid it's own set of restrictions that increase difficulty, like Hogarth's cost increase, or singleton-only decks, or raids that are immune to mill due to auto-reshuffle effects. I think a big problem with this approach though, is that it lends itself to puzzle-style solving where there is a correct deck, and no other deck will be fun or effective against it. This leads to decks either being crushed, or crushing, with little in-between. There's probably a good method of deckbuilding restriction that could be applied instead, such as 'ban the 5 most commonly-used cards last week' that forces people to bring new or sub-optimal decks to the fight.
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    • I could see the idea of Raid keys that you and your party would need (which anyone who backed at raid+ could have either a bonus to drop or their one key worked as a party key)

      as for bosses Ill say make them have massive health and maybe even minions as opponents making some situations where you have to defeat lesser raid bosses to even begin to damage the raid leader while they are building their army and able to target you and your troops.

      Raids and even 2v2 were always ideas really wish Hex added, my friends and I loved playing against one another at the same time in 1v1v1v1 matches or teams.
    • I would have done one of two things, either everyone takes turns and on your turn you had a scewed view of your neighbors board - with a spectator mode-ish view of your allies on their turns. Or a hybrid single turn for your whole team where everyone needs to pass priority to change phases. There are upsides and downsides to each method (for example aggro decks would be Way stronger the second way). I would want the raids to require players to take split paths to complete objectives, the objectives making the final fight(s) easier in some way, or more rewarding - forcing players to choose risk/reward options and be punished/rewarded by your raid groups decisions. If a player reached the boss before their teammates they would have to hold them off - if they could - allowing players to jump into the game between turns and at a disadvantage of starting their game while the boss has developed their board somewhat, making communication between the raid members important. But that also wouldn't be without upside, if the boss was "engaged" it wouldn't negatively impact other encounters - FRA style challenges wouldn't occur if any of your group members are fighting the boss. I would Certainly have hidden paths and objectives in each raid that rewarded players for different playstyles - Including overpowered combos, fast clear speeds, and carrying lower leveled players through the dungeon - more experience for them - more loot for you. I'd also make unique rewards for the raid dungeons - sure mercs and cards and equipment and gold, but also Prestige Race/Class drops, a Talent Point reward (one time drop per character - per raid), and alternate storylines/bosses for repeat playthroughs of the raid - if everyone in the group hadn't completed it one boss, if everyone has a different one etc. A boss being defeated many times might make it angrier and more dangerous, or scarred and tired the miniboss may give you free passage through their area - perhaps it would ambush you as you let your guard down or tip off the raid boss giving them an advantage in the final encounter.

      It would be something you could solo - if you had a lot of free time, and luck. You do have mercenaries - each of which could sub in as player for your solo raid. They wouldn't be able to leave your side if they used a card in your deck of course (even if you had more than 4 copies, that's just too difficult to manage logistically), but that would encourage playstyle diversity. The solo version of a raid might throw a few curve balls at you, and of course the multiplayer final boss would be more difficult alone as your mercs would only be providing passive bonuses, solo loot table including the Mercenary version of the previously mentioned prestige race/class options. To start off I'd of course make Artificer a prestige class. I'd also want to go back and give story choices more impact - for example clearing the piranhas - killing the wormoid queen, and saving/enslaving the robot friend and which gnoll is king/queen would impact the raids.

      And finally - the highest level raid would pit faction against faction. You would enter a queue at the end of a short dynamic dungeon (it'll scale with pve content as it releases - getting harder later on) and you'd play a 3 v 3 Underworld Vs Ardent match against real players with your fully equipped fully OP silly fun PvE cards - it's not meant to be competitive and losing both grants Comparable rewards (not quite as good of course) but also buffs for future raids that stacked - each granting in addition to a nifty advantage in game a loot bonus that apply to your entire party.