• I've mostly enjoyed how I've never really felt that 'topdeck' mode where both players are just drawing and playing the top cards of their library. With two cards a turn, a steady supply of creeps and heroes, and item shop purchases, it always feels like the game is moving forward.
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    • Treasure wrote:

      I hated when they had more rng style sets in hex and i almost stopped playing then. I won't start artefact because it's all about rng and the worst design choice ever. They game looks great and might recover itself in future sets but right now better to play coin flips to decide who wins. And even that richard garfield designed and he is very good at making card games he still is wrong with it this time and the to much rng.

      this review sums it up for me.
      That video. Wow. Artifact is even worse than I thought. Haha. Enjoy playing that. This is awesome, because I don't have even a tiny bit of temptation to try that crap. Normally I'm an easy target for card games and I have to try them all myself, so imagine how horrible Artifact must look like to me. Every single thing wrong basically. Actually, no, free phantom drafts is awesome, no denying that. If the gameplay was any good, I would buy the game just for that. Ahh... I will save so much money by just happily ignoring this game.

      "I think any type of player who likes Gwent likes Artifact." This is correct. I hate both games.

      Lol. Thanks, Reynad. I was not completely sure until this video.
    • I can only speak from my own personal experience, but I find that Artifact has just about as much RNG as Hex or Magic. I think the difference with Artifact is that the RNG is front and center on some cards like Bounty Hunter or Cheating Death instead of behind the scenes (Not drawing a Ruby Shard when you need it, Conscripting a High Infinitrix, Mulling to 5).

      While admittedly, some cards like Cheating Death are not great design, I feel as though I get irritated way less with Artifact RNG than I do with Hex. Having my blue hero open across from an Axe or a Bristleback and get one-shot sucks, but is hardly a game-ender. Not being able to do anything because I can't draw a third shard is far more irritating and a way more toxic RNG to me.

      I think Hex is/was a great game, but I also think to say it has less RNG than Artifact is disingenuous.
    • Just like the guy in the video said: Different types of RNG. The RNG of the top card being the one you want or not is different than the RNG of a coinflip to kill an opposing card.

      I don't personally enjoy Artifact but in the end it's just that: personal taste. You can't make anyone change his tastes ;D