Siege on PS4 is really SHITTTT !!!!

    • The disadvantage is that trade has been dead longer than the game has been. Cards aren't worth what you quoted, but there is virtually no one left to sell them at a semi decent price. The economy has been dead in this game for quite some time, and there was little course correction for that when course correction could have been made.

      PC players only have an advantage in that they have easier access to trade by COD mail, and can also post siege defenses with pve cards and equipment they have collected. They also have access to the pve campaign and modes that are quite fun.

      The only benefit to PS4 is that the servers are still on, which seems to be, for all we know, a partnership with Sony keeping the dim lights on for us to login for the time being.
    • Pandaemonium wrote:

      Wolzarg wrote:

      Because they are worse players i would imagine.
      I am surprised you are going there.... Psn players have numerous disadvantages. The number one now is the lack of trading. You can get cards for pennies by trading for real money but those cards on the ah cost 1000 more.
      I'm sorry but if you compete in the highest existing current tournament and your deck is lacking cards because of price you are by definition a worse player. Also if you think no playstation players have forked out to have full collections you are also wrong. So what remains is either skill or numbers and as far as i can tell they aren't that outnumbered in the qualifications right?

      feel free to think that is harsh or unfairly judging but to me it adds up to my previous statement. But otherwise we need inputt from the top players of which i am not one.
    • I've built great decks and play well. Cosmic player with-in a week of roll over. I could build even greater decks with the greater grossly over priced cards for sale. It's a balance of skill, luck and cards.

      I'm confident in my skill, luck so so, cards ehhh.

      Got 7th place in 5 shard. Got 25 bucks, can buy maybe 3 really good cards, more like only 2 cards.

      The Higher winners, who already had great cards, won 100, 125 bucks. Now can buy more great cards.

      Unbalanced and the scale tips towards PC, not your immature comment.
    • Defense decks have much more cards/equips so they have more options. While attacker has a lot fewer choices, and now with more defenser and less attackers, it would benefit more on defense than attack. More importantly, you have to spent time to watch the videos somewhere how the AI will act in each situations, or it's difficult to beat it no matter what deck you use.
    • Wolzarg wrote:

      Because they are worse players i would imagine.
      As someone who has played both PS4 and PC I agree that PS4 players are more likely to be the worst players but here's why:

      1) PS4 players can't learn much about the game compared to PC player. The only way PS4 players learn is mainly through battlegrounds but is either dead mostly or filled with PC player which is still kinda dead as think the game doesn't really have enough publicity compared to other card games. PC has the Campaign which rewards you with more cards aside from normally levelling up which makes it more easier to deck build along with experiencing more different combinations between different decks the game give you. There are 2 factions 4 races and 4 classes meaning about 32 different combinations to adapt to unlike PS4's 5 decks to learn with outside of PvP

      2) As stated before the trading system is terrible in PS4. You have more chances winning siege than someone buying your card. But tbh i think Hex miht be considered more of a CCG rather than a TCG like elder scroll legends, magica etc.

      3) It is difficult to actually select anything in PS4 whether deck building or in game. Navigating around the screen is difficult as hell. My brother who normally plays MTG arena on PC said that it's difficult to select what you want as with a mouse you have a cursor and can hover things and is quick and simple unlike PS4.

      and Wolarg just stop being useless and toxic and actually try and input useful information on a forums page instead of trying to put down other people as its not helping anyone but yourself just so you can feel better.

      Also I can somewhat agree that siege is very difficult on PS4 but that's cause A) I don't follow guides and meta cause I'd rather play by how i want and B) i cant compare it to PC siege as I've only played PC for 100 mins seeing the differences and trying to find a play-style that might suite me on the campaign. If anyone is curious i picked Vennin Ranger.

      If anyone can try and get a point to the developer if they still work on the game:
      If a new patch was introduced to PS4, please bring campaign to PS4 as it is fun and could possible draw in new players. Also with Hex being a less popular CCG it has a lo of competitors to deal with. Mainly MTG and elder scroll legends.

      Side note:
      This is me just seeing an opportunity to get involve in a forum and trying to get involved with this community. Also not everything I've said might be true cause I am put off from lack of players on PS4 and new to PC. If you feel like you need to correct me on this please do so put make it a critical analysis instead of a complaint like Wolzarg. Also I didn't really do any research into this, It's just all opinion and assumptions so it's bound to be wrong.

      Also you need to be really dumb to think that PS4 and PC don't follow the same in game rules as otherwise it wouldn't cross platform if they had different rules. Also i saw a really good deck made by a PS4 user that was a transformation deck and I applaud that so PS4 does have good players. Just terrible luck XD. FYI Wolzarg that was a joke.

      Apology for this being lengthy.