Auction house change

    • Auction house change

      The auction house is a key component in giving people's collections value. But it can be difficult to navigate with all the duplicates and suffers from a lack of key cards at times due to the small player base. The auction house operates on the idea of supply and demand meaning. But in a digital game, supply is artificially created. Instead of having a hard limit on the number of a card, why not create a soft limit. Make it so that every card is available on the AH, but the ratio between people wanting a card and people offering the card determines the price of the card. People should always be able to buy and sell a card.

      We do not want a system like hearthstone has where there is a fixed price by rarity as this makes it to easy to get the "best" cards and leads to a stale environment. Instead a variable pricing is needed so people feel compelled to try less used cards as these are likely to cheaper to use.

      We gladly go into more detail if this idea proves interesting.