Revitalize PVP

    • Revitalize PVP

      This is an amazing game that unfortunately suffers from an insufficient player base as of late. This is leading to long wait times that makes it hard for people that actually want to play the game from being able to. Why not make a simple change that will allow people to play. When there is no one to play against after waiting a reasonable time. Why not match a player up against a AI player instead.

      I know that the AI is lacking in competitive capability, especially if it is limited to the same environment that people currently play in. But with a guarantee that a person will be able to play when they are on, it will encourage more people to play and should reduce the need for AI. Ideally, the AI should look just like another player, with a random name to prevent people from immediately realizing it is AI and to help make the game look more active then it currently is.