Winner is the Judge - Card Design Contest

    • Winner is the Judge - Card Design Contest

      Hello everyone!
      This contest was a weekly tradition for a VERY LONG time and it was one of the factors that made my early experience in the game way better, but sadly this tradition is slowly dying along many more things.
      Since our last winner didn't have the courtesy to post a new contest and since there are not many things to do around here, I am taking the lead on this one.

      You know how this goes. WINNER IS THE JUDGE!
      Create a card or cards that meet the design constraints listed below. Multiple entries are allowed.
      The entries I like the best win the competition.
      In addition to the listed prizes the 1st place's winner gets to host the next competition along with design rules of his own.
      *Because lately we have fewer people visiting the forums, I will keep the contest up for two weeks instead of one, so we can get more participations.

      OK. Here we go:
      Design Rules
      Since we haven't got a new set and God knows if we'll get one, I would like everyone to get creative and come up with Set Name, New Mechanics that would fit with the set for the cards, plot and heroes and of course Flavor Text.
      (please don't get comical about Hex's future and let's assume that we still have many steps to come).

      Three entries will win a prize of their choice from the prize pool.
      Every five unique participants, I will add one more winner.
      I will announce the prize pool in a few days cause I am working my best to get it as big as I can and I promise you won't be disappointed.
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    • I love the gumption... but with the way work is combined with the other responsibilities I've taken on myself, I simply don't have the time for the effort I'd need to put in to submit an entry I'd be proud of for this... and, taking a lesson from the devs, I don't want to submit something I am not proud of.
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.