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      DjinnNtoniC wrote:

      Saw this and thought i would jump in on the fun :D. Heres one from me.

      I was kinda diseased for a while, sorry about the delay (Value your health, folks! Hadn't been sick in years, so didn't remember how much it sucks). I'm better now, so better get back into it. I'm glad there isn't 20+ videos waiting for me here. I can do other things this week too. :P

      First of all, DjinnNtoniC, welcome! This is indeed fun.

      Ong Bak 2 was on my list naturally, but I didn't just want to spam Tony Jaa movies in the beginning. Good for you to spare me the trouble! I remember when this film came out. I watched it as soon as it was available and two thought came to mind immediately.

      1) Wow, they really had a budget this time. Visually and technically you can't even compare Ong Bak 1 and 2.

      2) Why is this movie so bad? I loved the first one! I'm not about to watch this again any time soon, but I remember pretty much hating it. I think it was all over the place and didn't make any sense or something. There are a few good fights, and nothing else. I mean, the original Ong Bak kinda works as a movie too, although I didn't watch it for the story. I dunno, my memory might deceive me, but I distinctly remember very strong negative emotions associated with this movie.

      This fight was actually better than I remembered. It's really cool to see three-section staff used in battle effectively. The short part with the sword in the middle is straight-up 10/10 in choreography. Super sweet moves and parries. I think I mentioned earlier that Jaa loves elephants? Yeaahh... The ending is mighty ridiculous for this fight. :D

      I would give this 9/10 overall. There is some great stuff in here. Never watching the entire movie again.

      My favorite part of the movie is still this though, and more accurately the unarmed part after Jaa is kicked on top of the platform. There is something incredibly satisfying about how he blocks and uses counters against two attackers using classic muay thai.

      I will post at least two fights this weekend. Depending on time, I might spam some more.