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    • DjinnNtoniC wrote:

      Saw this and thought i would jump in on the fun :D. Heres one from me.

      I was kinda diseased for a while, sorry about the delay (Value your health, folks! Hadn't been sick in years, so didn't remember how much it sucks). I'm better now, so better get back into it. I'm glad there isn't 20+ videos waiting for me here. I can do other things this week too. :P

      First of all, DjinnNtoniC, welcome! This is indeed fun.

      Ong Bak 2 was on my list naturally, but I didn't just want to spam Tony Jaa movies in the beginning. Good for you to spare me the trouble! I remember when this film came out. I watched it as soon as it was available and two thought came to mind immediately.

      1) Wow, they really had a budget this time. Visually and technically you can't even compare Ong Bak 1 and 2.

      2) Why is this movie so bad? I loved the first one! I'm not about to watch this again any time soon, but I remember pretty much hating it. I think it was all over the place and didn't make any sense or something. There are a few good fights, and nothing else. I mean, the original Ong Bak kinda works as a movie too, although I didn't watch it for the story. I dunno, my memory might deceive me, but I distinctly remember very strong negative emotions associated with this movie.

      This fight was actually better than I remembered. It's really cool to see three-section staff used in battle effectively. The short part with the sword in the middle is straight-up 10/10 in choreography. Super sweet moves and parries. I think I mentioned earlier that Jaa loves elephants? Yeaahh... The ending is mighty ridiculous for this fight. :D

      I would give this 9/10 overall. There is some great stuff in here. Never watching the entire movie again.

      My favorite part of the movie is still this though, and more accurately the unarmed part after Jaa is kicked on top of the platform. There is something incredibly satisfying about how he blocks and uses counters against two attackers using classic muay thai.

      I will post at least two fights this weekend. Depending on time, I might spam some more.
    • All right! While HEX continues to circle the drain as usual, let's do some fun fisticuffs.

      FIGHT: Jack Reacher versus a posse of dumb guys at the bar.

      MOVIE: Jack Reacher (2012), director Christopher McQuarrie

      I have a confession to make. I am a huge fan of Tom Cruise in movies. In real life, he's nuttier than a squirrel turd, but I have always loved his shtick and dedication in films. The dude might believe in volcano-loving aliens, but he puts in the work and never gives a bad performance.

      Sometimes a fight is not awesome because of the fight itself, but because of the build-up and circumstances. I love this scene, because of how entertaining the whole thing is. Thus, I will post a clip that starts way before the fight itself, so you can all have the satisfaction in the end.

      Setting/atmosphere 10 – Again, nothing to do with the fight itself, but I really dig the setup in this one.

      Music ??? – What music?

      Emotional Impact 8 – I'm not even gonna lie, I love seeing a bully hurt and humiliated. I might have some sociopathic tendences in this area.

      Choreography 9 – Pretty deece. They go for realism, which I immediately dig. In real life, hits have real impact and one is usually enough. I especially love the opening dodge + elbow strike, which is executed really well. Looks real and would work in real life against sloppy blows, guaranteed. Also, in a real situation, you would go for the genitals a lot. That's the thing to do against a male attacker if you want to neutralize him. There are no rules in a street fight. The few times I have been in a threatening situation in my life (meaning there was a real chance of escalation into violence), I have always prepared the same way. I take a good, balanced stance and move my power leg behind, and mentally prepare to act if I am attacked. There is no way a regular guy can hit me with a fist (always the default attack when untrained, and guys who train usually don't start brawls) before I kick him in the balls using a simple front kick. The travel distance is way shorter than a lazy punch with a huge wind-up. By the way, I have never been in a (street) fight, because I have no ego in these situations, as I have nothing to prove. I will take some verbal abuse over a lawsuit any day. It's not fucking easy though, if the guy is a real scumbag. What you gotta realize though is that even if you're Bruce Lee, someone can stab you in the back or shoot you the next day for revenge. It's just not worth the short ego boost.

      Technical Merits 8 – Nice, steady camera work and lovely, unhurried pace. A few annoyingly fast cuts. Never a fan of night fights either.

      Skill of Combatants 9 – Cruise always brings it. He clearly trains a lot for his fight scenes and it shows. He loves the physical stuff. The hits look good.

      Finish 6 – Sadly, this fight cuts off when the po po arrive, so we never get a good, clean finish, but he made his point.

      FINAL VERDICT: 8/10

      Jack Reacher is an underrated movie in my opinion, and this is a great scene.
    • FIGHT: The Bride against the Crazy 88.

      MOVIE: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), director Quentin Tarantino.

      I am amazed that this hasn't been posted yet. I expected this to be on the first page, among at least two other incredibly obvious fights that haven't been posted yet. So I guess I have to be the one.

      This fight is all about style, style, style. It has nothing to do with realism or even incredibly good choreograpy. However, it's just so goddamn gory and long that it instantly becomes awesome. This is still more comedy than a real fight though. See: the leg chopping part, lol. In any case, Uma Thurman is awesome, so let's watch her kick some ass.

      Setting/atmosphere 8 – Tarantino can be a master of atmosphere, but this dojo-esque Japanese setting is kinda boring honestly. Seen this too many times in actual old martial arts movies.

      Music 7 – I'm actually not a fan of any of the music in this scene, apart from the leg chopping, which is hilarious. This is really weird, because usually music is the best part of Tarantino movies.

      Emotional Impact 6 – This is comedy. The real emotional hits come later in this film.

      Choreography 7 – Meeeh. I'm not seeing anything special here. Probably hard to learn anything amazing for such a long scene.

      Technical Merits 8 – It's Tarantino. There are all sorts of camera pans, zooms and random close-ups. Stylish, but not what I am looking for in a fight. The blue hue in the end especially puts me off, as it's too much of a "look at me, I am artsy!" for my taste. It's Tarantino, though, so everything is premeditated and has a reason of course. You either like it or you don't. The overall style is epic in the movie though, and you need to remember that I am now simply rating this one fight. In the context of the entire thing, I love all these gimmicks.

      Skill of Combatants 8 – No doubt there was a lot of training for this movie, but I never quite believe Uma as a swordmaster in this scene. Not sure why. I will give points for the sheer audacity of the scene though. You need to know a lot of moves, and most importantly, the moves of your opponents too, and there are quite a few of them.

      Finish 5 – I was never a fan of the slapstick humor in this scene.

      FINAL VERDICT: 7/10

      This is a love letter to old martial arts and samurai movies, which will always get a thumbs up from me. Extra points for the homage to Bruce. This is not even among my favorite fights or anything, but I kinda felt obliged to post it. :)


      This is a better fight in every way. Now Gogo is a badass character!

    • I haven't watched a scene from kill bill in such a long time; I completely forgot about the 70s sound effects. Not a fan.

      The composition of the O-ren Ishii fight feels a lot better. Feels way more deliberate and has several nods to its predecessors in a scene that has very little actual fighting.
    • FIGHT: The Widow is ambushed by some random henchmen. You done messed up, A-Aron!

      MOVIE: This one is actually a TV show. It is called Into the Badlands (2015), and there are 3 seasons. Original network: AMC.

      The show's premise is pretty neat. Firearms are forbidden, and Barons rule the land through armies of martial arts practitioners. Clippers are the best of the best and they tattoo their kills into their bodies. Sweet world, right? I'm not even gonna deny it, I have a huge crush on The Widow. I was already a fan of her character through Emily Beecham's acting alone, but then she suddenly starts wrecking guys left and right. I don't remember if it was this scene, but the realization that she was also a bona fide badass and a lethal fighter was earth-shattering to me. It was love at first sight.

      Now keep in mind that this is the censored version, as the blood is flowing. Yeah, I love this show.

      Setting/atmosphere 8 – Seedy bar is nothing too original, but I do like the tension of the scene before she is attacked.

      Music 7 – Meh.

      Emotional Impact 9 – Okay, I need to explain this one. Imagine that you think The Widow is just a helpless, if cunning, woman. Then she does this. Holy shit. Marry me?

      Choreography 9 – I like it. Yes, there are wires in this show, but they are used very tastefully. Nothing too insane. I am also a fan of posturing AND dual-wielding, so when she spins around with the knives in a cool pose, I am doing a mental golf clap. The double kick is sweet too. Also, she is The Widow. <3

      Technical Merits 8 – I can see everything that is happening. There are also some cool camera angles, like the overhead shot. Some cuts are a bit too fast, but it is part of the wuxia-esque style. Very flashy moves are a part of the deal.

      Skill of Combatants 8 – I honestly don't know about this. The show manages to disguise this extremely well. Almost no one does any embarrasing moves that are a dead giveway for lack of skill. Stunt doubles are used very well. The Widow seems like a force of nature at least. I dunno, I might be a "bit" biased. She goes on some great rampages later in the show and they all look cool.

      Finish 10 – Come on, son! High heel through the throat by a sexy whirlwind of badassery. Now that is a good way to go.

      FINAL VERDICT: 9/10

      The rating is not for the fight alone. It is for everything it represents. This is when I realized that all the Barons are martial arts masters and it was awesome. Okay, okay, this scene also has The Widow. 8o


      This is the first scene in the entire show. Guess how fast I became a fan.

    • Ertzi wrote:

      AxelDWater wrote:

      I have to suggest a new Netflix movie, reminds me of "the raid" a bit. "The night comes for us".
      I watched the trailer. Might be good but it's not for me. I have also been very underwhelmed by Netflix movies for some reason.
      Yeah, I know the feeling. Though this one is worth cause of its raw violence + actor from "The raid".

      Vroengard wrote:

      Ertzi wrote:

      I have also been very underwhelmed by Netflix movies for some reason.
      Do me (and yourself) a favour and watch What Happened to Monday.
      Yeah, that was a good one. :thumbsup:
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    • Vroengard wrote:

      Ertzi wrote:

      I have also been very underwhelmed by Netflix movies for some reason.
      Do me (and yourself) a favour and watch What Happened to Monday.
      Ooooh! I had missed this one for some reason. Definitely intrigues me immediately. Thanks for the tip. I'll put it on my list (I have an actual list :D ). I will get to it eventually. Awesome TV shows are eating into my movie time. Like The Horror and Daredevil season 3 and I should continue The Crown etc. Oh, the first world problems we have... Also, I played Divinity: Original Sin 7 hours straight with my friend yesterday. Man, it was awesome. I don't even remember the last time I binge-played like that. That is an absolute gem of a game. And we already have the sequel waiting. 8o Inventory management is a goddamn nightmare if you intend to craft though.

      I will check out that fight later and comment on it. Super busy once again.
    • FIGHT: A rival gang versus Killer Number 2.

      MOVIE: Bunraku (2010), director Guy Moshe

      This movie is something truly original in its style, which I always appreciate. I wanted to showcase a longer clip from the very beginning, so that you get a sense of the overall narrative and atmosphere. It really is quite unique. You might hate it, but at least it is different. Worth an entry in my view.

      Setting/atmosphere 9 – I'm a sucker for anything unique, so high score here.

      Music 8 – Serves the overall atmosphere (with the announcer) very well.

      Emotional Impact 5 – Too early to have any emotions. More like, "what the hell did I just watch?"

      Choreography 7 – A bit too flamboyant for my taste. Works within the scene though.

      Technical Merits 8 – Decent enough. Not a fan of the editing here.

      Skill of Combatants 7 – Yeah, I don't know about this. Kevin McKidd's character is awesome, but I'm not convinced he is a badass in real life.

      Finish 7 – Axe to the head by Ron Perlman. Why not?

      FINAL VERDICT: 7/10

      Nothing incredible, but I wanted to shed some light on this movie, because it is completely forgotten. This is a shame, as Bunraku is a quirky little film.
    • FIGHT: Johnny Ringo versus Doc Holliday

      MOVIE: Tombstone (1993), director(s) George P. Cosmatos, Kevin Jarre


      Now this might be controversial, but I'm gonna throw a gunfight in here. It's just too damn good not to. I can't say what my all-time favorite Western is anymore (too many movies to remember to be certain), but I absolutely know Tombstone is in my top 5. It might be number one over all the usual suspects. I fucking love this movie. Val Kilmer has the best performance of his career in this flick, hands down, and it's atrocious he didn't win an Oscar for this role.

      Setting/atmosphere 10 – Can't get any better than this. Watch the movie and you'll understand.

      Music 9 – Serves the scene. And the scene is perfect.

      Emotional Impact 10 – Watch the movie.

      Choreography 8 – Shooting a guy in the head while holding a cigarette. Come on, son!

      Technical Merits 10 – Fucking perfect.

      Skill of Combatants 7 – Err... I dunno?

      Finish 10 – You're no daisy. You're no daisy at all.

      FINAL VERDICT: 10/10

      You absolutely gotta watch the movie to appreciate the stakes. If you take everything into account, this is one of the best cinematic moments for me. Feel free to disagree, but I'm not gonna spoil anything.
    • I think I enjoyed The Bride vs Crazy 88 more than the other fights personally. I also appreciate the casting of Gordon Liu as the "boss minion" in the fight. Dude is underrated and underappreciated in the HK action industry IMO. I would have liked the Gogo fight more if it was longer and has a more fluid first half rather than just the static second half. Like I want to see more sword vs the mace-and-chain exchange. The O-ren Ishii fight is a tribute to old-school bushido duel, definitely the most artistic of all.

      @Ertzi Out of curiosity do you consider Into The Badlands' style Asian? Or something else?

      And the anime fight I gave is from the movie Sword of the Stranger. It being a movie will be easier(or at least time-efficient) for you if you care to watch.

      I think the female martial artist thing is a global issue. Female already don't get enough chance in the cinema and TV industry and female martial artist is even tougher IMO. Many general folk find female fighters beating male fighters unrealistic and there's not much you can do to convince such feeble minds who think strength is everything in a fight.

      @Zubrin Anime fights tend to be long with a lot of emotional dialogue(be it inside the character or outward) or literal verbal exchange between opponents. Dragonball is probably the infamous example of this. You'd probably need to find a cut-up version for better viewing. Like last time I did watched some cut-up, pure fight scenes of early Naruto(IMO, most of after Shippuden sucks) and it's fun to see the fights fold without any dialogue and pause.


      Anyone can recommend medieval(or whatever era as long as they are in an era of swords and bow) movies that has good fight scenes, be it large-scale warfare or individual duels?
    • Wow! I completely forgot about this thread for a while, because I got sick again. I don't understand. I was never sick for years, and now two ailments in quick succession. Oh well.

      Goliathus wrote:

      @Ertzi Out of curiosity do you consider Into The Badlands' style Asian? Or something else?
      Badlands definitely has strong Asian martial arts cinema tendencies (wire-fu, wuxia), but they keep it low enough so that it is only an additional spice. I would still prefer more grounded fight scenes, but if this style is the only way I get a show with constant good fight scenes, I'll take it.

      Goliathus wrote:

      Anyone can recommend medieval(or whatever era as long as they are in an era of swords and bow) movies that has good fight scenes, be it large-scale warfare or individual duels?
      I could probably rattle off a long list, but the problem is those things are subjective. Medieval fights are almost always pretty basic and dull in movies.

      I can throw in a few that have "interesting" fight/battle scenes. I will let you decide if they are good or not. In fact, some of these are pretty bad as movies:

      Outlaw King
      Blade of the Immortal (samurai)
      King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
      Vikings (the entire show)
      Tristan and Isolde
      Braveheart (duh)
      Gladiator (duh)
      King Arthur (Mads Mikkelsen's Tristan is one of my favorite medieval characters of all time)
      The Eagle
      The Great Wall (horrible film, but has some wacky fights)
      Kingdom of Heaven
      Valhalla Rising

      I will also throw one in this thread right now. Just a sec...
    • FIGHT: Rob Roy versus Archibald Cunningham

      MOVIE: Rob Roy (1995), director Michael Caton-Jones


      This movie is almost never mentioned, but it's one of the better medieval films out there. Starring young Liam Neeson to boot! This fight is more realistic, with fatigue playing a big part. Rob Roy is bigger and stronger, but uses a significantly heavier weapon against a much more skilled opponent. Tim Roth plays that slimy bastard perfectly throughout the flick. I love that his character doesn't look like much and acts like a sissy, but he will fuck you up with a sword. Great fight.

      Setting/atmosphere 9 – Not a surprise, but I like these minimalistic settings. The torches and the silent crowd bring an eerie feel to it, which is cool.

      Music 9 – No music until the very climax. Perfect.

      Emotional Impact 9 – Pretty emotional finish, with all the anger and rage being used in the blow. Qui-Gon Jinn definitely goes to the dark side here.

      Choreography 8 – Decent. Nothing too fancy. Some sweet moves from the bad guy. Rob Roy just hacks away at him, which is quite lame. This is intentional though. He is no finesse fighter.

      Technical Merits 8 – I don't like some of the editing, but otherwise solid.

      Skill of Combatants 8 – These guys are both pretty adept at slashing. Would be at least 9, if both were Tim Roth's character. Rob is just a big lump of hair and claymore.

      Finish 7 – I hate this finish. This is hard for me to watch, because I always root for the more skilled individual vs. a big, strong guy. Basically I have all the reasons to want Cunningham to win, but he is a bastard so he must go. He had already won though. Arrrgh... that is infuriating. Win with skill, not with brute force. I always want good guys to totally own the baddies, not win with sheer luck. Force grip ain't no joke though. Don't fuck with the Jedi.

      FINAL VERDICT: 9/10

      These kinds of fights are such a rarity. Good luck finding them today. No flashy music or effects. No banter or jokes. Just two dudes silently going after each other with the ultimate stakes.


      Cunningham's prowess and dandiness on full display. Who has a more hittable face?

    • I don't expect fancy fights in medieval movies, it can be basic but good. I do appreciate basic fight scenes especially if they involve good, logical usage of the weapons in hand. Like I sometime went into replays to watch the units' duel in Total Wars(People saying 1v1 only is illogical doesn't understand how much work it is to do these animation. TW is still the only RTS game that has choreographed battles) and still sad that the Warhammer series cut off the battle animation. I understand you can't do giant vs human-sized animation but I was really hoping I can see actual dueling between a Ratman and an Orc.

      I also think that good mass-scale war scenes are extremely hard to find in real life action, be it movies or dramas. Drama can be excused though, budget is an issue.