Expressing Condolences

    • Expressing Condolences

      Hey folks,

      I'm nearly exclusively a pve player and I love(d) HEX, but as a pve player I've been alienated some time ago, since playing FRA over and over against the same enemies can only motivate me so much. Which is sad, because this is by far the best online-tcg available. I've switched over to eternal since, because it's online component is more accessible and there is still pve content coming, but I'm not that amazed by it in comparison to HEX. It scratches a certain itch, but that's it and it's more like a backscratcher with a very soft tip.

      I just registered to say that I'm truly sorry for all of you that have invested way more than I did (monetarily and emotionally) and I wanted to thank all of you, because the righteous saltiness and anger vented here creatively in memes, jokes and rants are extremely carthartic to read. I really helped me to get over my frustration with this dying game with a laughing and a crying eye.

      So yeah, thanks to you all and I feel you.