Schedule Queues - get to have some fun!

    • Schedule Queues - get to have some fun!

      hi Hexies,

      I don't get to post much, but I don't think I've seen such thread.
      If you're keen to do some Limited, and have fun while we can, why not post a Scheduled Event? Say Draft - Saturday, 3pm PST as example?
      Same goes for someone wanting to play Eternal, Sealed (?!?), etc..
      If this works and you actually feel there are some interested players, why not make it Thursday Draft@4pm; Evo Wednesday@9am; etc. (the timings may be silly, I'm not US based... but I think you get the idea)

      While this is no guaranteed play, at least you get to advertise the event and potentially increase chances of players coming in to play too? Heck, I've seen online games where with less ppl they make do.
      Constructed seems to be running reasonably still. So I hope it is long until the day when we need to make a Sunday Construct Ladder!

      have fun you all! :thumbsup:
    • This should've been posted in the Feedback and Suggestions subforum.

      Now that that's out of the way.. Do you mean that the community should unofficially do that? Or that the devs should? If it's the former, then, unfortunately, since pods do not exist (and I've been livid about that since the beginning), it's impossible to regulate. You'll have to rely 100% on luck to get properly paired.
      And if it's the latter, then, unfortunately, the dev team is severely understaffed and severely unable to do almost ANYTHING of such a huge scope.
    • Scheduled tournaments is something hex did as part of the 100k qualifiers, so they should have the tech to make it possible. It seems like a no brainer now because it gives people a certain time to see if a draft would fire. In order for it to work perfectly the draft/sealed would want to be a in pod tourney, but it is not a requirement.