FRA deck: forged reinforcements

    • FRA deck: forged reinforcements

      Been bored with the ladder in the last 2 weeks so i’ve been doing a lot of arena. Here is a really effective deck i’ve been using which others can optimize if they wish.

      4 forge of cadoc
      4 howling brave (use the equip)
      4 hiero (speed and resource generator gems)
      4 underworld reinforcements
      4 cottontail explorer
      4 mistress of bones
      4 rotten rancor
      4 replipopper
      2 mad robomancer
      1 yazukan
      3 change course

      Use replipopper and mistress equipments and for underworld reinforcements. I can’t remember my resource base, the champion I use is kagulichu.

      So basically the point of the deck is to dump stuff in graveyard. Cheat mistress out by playing underworld reinforcements or using rotten rancor. All creatures enter play from graveyard.

      The 8 accelerators of brave and cadoc make it explosive,
    • it hasn't felt like the forge has been dead. between artefacts and dwarves I think I've got 10. the only things I can think of to drop to increase count is the yazukan and 1 change course. Maybe the dragon Syyn can be used and some other random artefact or dwarf. So can improve to 12 targets.