Some good aggrieved decks going into ccs

    • Some good aggrieved decks going into ccs

      This last ladder season had some of the most explosively aggrieved decks i’ve seen since the start of hex. I’ll list 2 I used last season. Both use communion of wax which when gemmed with double damage is crazy strong,

      Deck1 - feral communion

      4 communion of wax
      4 boltspasm
      3 escape goat
      4 righteous outlaw
      4 surging wildfire
      2 Locke of the pack
      3 matriarch of flames
      2 replipopper
      2 boltwing Phoenix
      2 (3/1 green creature that produces scorch when deployed)
      2 return to cinder
      2 sabtretooth
      3 dream weaver ancient

      I can’t remember the resource base but use 3 heart of agony. The champion is the one that pumps a creature and gives it feral.

      Deck 2 : annihilix communion

      3 righteous waxshot
      4 righteous outlaw
      4 replipopper
      2 matriarch
      4 blaze of glory
      4 communion of wax
      3 lyvaanth
      4 soaring catalyst
      4 fleetwin terminus
      4 brilliant annihilix ( gem that gives rage and other creatures 1/1

      Use 4 heart of agony, 4 wax, some fateweave lands (4 or so)

      This 2nd deck is crazy aggro. Communion with double damage on a buffed fleetwin is just a blowout. I was once sitting at around 90 percent win rate with this concoction.

      Anyway for those who want to try these gl
    • I know what you are plotting here... You want to convince people to use one of these decks so you can whack them out with your counter-deck. You tricky :P

      Now seriously, their build seems nice. I will definitely try em out cause I got all the cards of your lists, plus I like aggro. Got a reserves list?
      I used Marshall tokens to climb the ladder till cosmic with just 1-2 losses. (it's the Wardens deck used for Siege with some tweaks)(Thnx Yasi)
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    • I kept changing my reserves a lot. the ruby diamond one had winter's grasps, primordial sabretooths, 2 eldurathan's glory, return to cinder. its not a trick. I usually list my decks after ladder season since I don't normally play in ccs. I finished 1 on the constructed ladder last season. I've finished 1 on the ladder 4 seasons so far.
    • Play if you have the time. Only reason I play ladder over long tournaments is because of family commitments. I play ladder at night when my wife and daughter are asleep. Saying I'm gonna spend hours playing a card game on a weekend when they're awake doesn't go down too well.