Weekend Door Prizes August 18-August 19

    • Neat I won a runebind.

      As a suggestion since the numbers for the ashes are getting lower. How about trying to switch the AA's and cosmetics a bit? Like swap the current bash and clash cosmetics around or bringing back the herofall AAA and wizard battleboard back for a few weeks since those were available for such a short time and over a year ago at this point.
      While the EV of the events is really good without the cosmetics are really good the tournaments still demand people to be available for a few hours to enter these events which on the weekend may be difficult. And offering some cosmetics some players may be missing may entice them to try and set aside the time to play it for the items they can't get anyother way.

      Just a suggestion. I know suddenly making something that was supposed to be exclusive available again may rub some people the wrong way but a few weeks wouldn't make much difference and a portion of the already low supply from the herofall AAA inparticular may be lost as the players who owned them may not be playing anymore.