Friday Update - 4Play

    • Yet another week of absolutely nothing. You won't talk to us. You won't fix bugs. You won't pay your debts (open since MARCH apparently). Throwing up another ill-conceived cash grab should-be-casual mode doesn't cut it. It's been over a month since you announced you were delaying set 10, and we haven't heard a god damn word out of you since then. You guys are circling the drain here, and you don't even have the decency to be honest about it.

      HexEnt, stop hiding behind Dinobot's weekly copy and paste session. Put on your big boy pants. COMMUNICATE.

      "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
      - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well
    • I saw the the name of the new mode, and for just a second I thought they were going to be giving us a surprise multiplayer format. Then I remembered this was Hex, so I wasn't too disappointed when I saw it was just a constructed format where you can't play cards that cost less than 4.
    • So, there are no news, "flashback" still has the wrong gems, still haven't been paid and you didn't even have the common decency of just telling us you would not meet the deadline. Wonder how you would react if someone did that to you.

      Edit: the deadline that had already been extended and you only bothered to acknowledge when it started to seep out.
      But my words, like silent raindrops fell, and echoed in the wells of silence.
    • i cant even remember when hex was fun and queues fired fast, guess it was around the introduction of evos...

      Please sell this game to a team that knows how to run a digital game...

      New owner, tablet mode and coop might still can save hex.

      Price needs to be cheap tho, maybe just as much to pay the overdue price moneys ;)
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    • So besides Communion of Wax slamming Dreamweaver Ancients on turn 1 to spawn an 8 drop (hopefully Gargalith).... what else is playable here?

      I can't come up with a turn 1 kill yet.

      Edit: Yes, this format is absolutely idiotic and nobody at HexEnt bothered to consider how it would play out.

      Edit 2: Hmm, Flamewrought Obliteron seems degenerate. Ok, playing R/W rider.

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    • Pandemica wrote:

      Zero boners.
      ED is a serious thing. We may all need to get checked.

      Some of us speculated over a month ago that the current state of affairs is operating as if insolvency was filed during tax season. All signs continue to point to yes, where they would go to lengths to stay quiet while collecting what they could to liquidate as much debt as possible.

      Trying to scare us away with silence is possibly the only legal courtesy they have left to offer us.
    • Love is in the air..

      I am pretty much in love with most of the merry melee modes and I don't care for 1$ cost to enter and get cool sleeves. My problem is that since +- 2 months the playerbase has been declining like crazy and games are not firing.

      I was really hoping to play lots of 8-8-7 because I really liked the format and did not mind the gems part. but when it takes 30-60 min for pods and 10-20 min to find a match because of their lack of communication and treating their playerbase like ..... not good.. I just don't play..

      I actually uninstalled Hex this week... it was a sad moment.. I try to find other games to occupy me but NOTHING keeps me in.. i lose interest within 10-20 min. which was not the case with hex..

      Sad sad moments it is.
    • Portensio wrote:

      I don't care for 1$ cost to enter and get cool sleeves

      I actually uninstalled Hex this week...
      These two don't match. Either it's "I wouldn't care / wouldn't have cared" or you haven't uninstalled and you're still playing. I'll assume it's the first case, just a grammatical mistake.

      If you were still giving them money though, and you didn't care, I'd have to point out your actions are assisting a fraudulent behaviour and are harmiing gaming culture and future gamers, because you're emboldening other companies to do the same crooked things HXE does (assuming they're slowly and silently closing shop and trying to amass as much pennies as possible, WITHOUT CARING FOR THEIR PLAYERBASE, the last part is the most important).