Hex is the best.

    • Eraia wrote:

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      Yep, plat should come from NOWHERE but the store for cash. But, what's missing to enable this is a built in way for players to sell gold for plat and vice versa.
      So if cash prizes are too expensive/legally difficult to do(both are likely part of the problem), you'd rather they simply not have tournaments? Or give the winner 200 packs they then have to struggle to liquidate, making winning a tournament more frustrating than anything and completely destroying the pack market? Or what?

      ThomThom wrote:

      Eraia wrote:

      AceBladewing wrote:

      They tried to sell cosmetics at too high of a cost, didn't offer interesting cosmetics, and refused to monetize the types of things people would spend little bits of money on here and there in pve.

      One good exemple is every steam bundle. 20$-25$ for what ? 6 packs, cosmetics and pve stuff. Wayyyyy too costly. Back in the days, I bought the whole Naxraamas expension in HS for a similar price. When you can't understand what offer your competition failure is inevitable.
      If I remember correctly it was not even a good value at all. You could get the sleeve playing the campaign and the other items you could get off the ah cheaper.
    • If I remember correctly hearthstone has a ladder, an arena mode which is their equivalent of draft and then a few expansions like naxramas, frozen throne etc which is similar to hex frost ring arena except you unlock pvp cards rather than pve cards.

      So basically hearthstone is a pvp game.

      In hex when u do arena or campaign you’re getting gold and pve cards not usuable in pvp.
      This I think is a problem. This is what I mean when I say it’s a problem when the system is not transitioning pve players to pvp.

      I really don’t have an issue with pve. I did quite a bit of siege attack to get my 4 aa eternal seekers, righteous waxshots and aa shards, coin and battle board. However once done continuing siege is a waste.