kickstarter to Open Source Hex

    • kickstarter to Open Source Hex

      we all wish for this game to have a bright future.

      But with the current state i think the best move would be to collect some money and "buyout" the hex code + art and make a community project out of it like Blender

      The people currently at hex could also run more kickstarters for stuff like adding a new set to the codebase.

      I know that i would maybe help running a server but definetly contribute to the code base
    • They would have to offer to sell first and I'm sure the price would be absurd, plus a communal fund still has to go through one person's hands and thats its own little worm farm. This is a bad idea but its also not even a viable one, they should make the game open source and available to us considering we're the people who were around and paying for the game to exist even this long. Any extra fees is just salt in the wounds.