Deck help

    • fist off ima start by saying I'm relatively new to this but would like help with my deck
      Currently my champion is plaugeroot the hollow I'm running X4 savage showdown
      X3 corpse Lily X2 baroness florianna (working on getting another copy) x2 cruel sentence X3 death toll X4 nightbloom X2 turbulence X4 blightbark burster X3 netherbloom X3 blightbark vampire X3 cryptspitter X3 blightseed cultivator X2 bloom burster x2 harold of roses
      Sorry if there is a better way to list my deck first time posting but my goal is to basically overwhelm with numbers and deathcry and use the boost from baroness and herald of roses to deal decent damage just curious if there is anything else that I should do to better my deck thanks for any help
    • Instead of Savage Showdown, you could try Battle of Destiny

      Instead of Cruel Sentence, you could try Naive Lackey

      Death Toll is nice, but not as good as the alternatives of Strangle and Herofall (even at [BLOOD] [BLOOD] ).

      Turbulence should be in the reserves, not the main.

      I'd cut the Netherbloom and the Cryptspitter if I were you. I'd maybe cut the Herald of Roses.

      I'd consider adding the following: Bristlebarb Hag, Lord Blightbark, Paw of Yazukan, Promiscuous Succubus. The problem with this deck is that it is completely destroyed by void and there is this damn card called Eldurathan's Glory. In the [DIAMOND] / [WILD] decks, it can come down on turn 4 and destroy your gameplan.

      If you want to link decks, the best way to do it is go to!/cards, create an account, use the instructions on how to link your account with your game and then every deck you save will appear in your decks' tab. Then you can link it like that:!/deck=fd610f26bb893810d1bdcbae8401812f