A bunch of small Quality of Life suggestions

    • A bunch of small Quality of Life suggestions

      I mentioned a while ago about doing a small patch just for quality of life changes with the set 10 delay. I thought I would expand on that and just make a thread to list a bunch of changes I would consider Quality of Life. These aren't in any particular order, they're just in the order I noted them down in.

      *My rule for these suggestions is that it must be something they have demonstrated an ability to do before or not be a new feature.

      1) Default AH listings to be the minimum buyout amount instead of 0
      2) Add a filter for non-ea cards like EA has now
      3) In the same way the AH remembers card filters apply that to Inventory Stash and Equipment for the AH as well
      4) Apply the changes to filtering prismatic cards done earlier this year to champions as well
      5) Add an option to filter by set and card type in the equipment filters
      6) Update existing mercenaries and equipment to have the same set symbol as the set they're from like more recent launches
      7) Have all the PvE cards from Chests and WoF apply to set filters like a few of them already do
      8 ) Have the card manager remember your filters done even if you leave like the screen
      9) This one is a bit more controversial so i'm going to explain it. It's become apparent that the 'book' idea of PvE isn't going to happen quickly. So how about AZ1, AZ2 and FRA get their own set symbols and PvE cards from WoF + Chests now have the set symbol for where they come from instead of the generic '1'. Cards which don't fit into that group can use a generic symbol.
      10) Expanding off that how about in the same way you can hover over the rarity of a card to see some information like if the card is a core common that is used for PvE cards to show where they come from.
      11) Add an option to filter by Primal and Free Spin in the chests section of Kismet's Well
      12) Add an option to filter the 'other packs' in kismet's well by AZ1, AZ2 and 'Other'. Or to add even more specifics Kismet's Pack, Starter Trial and Convocation
      13) Have cards in multiple sets follow set filtering so you don't see Verdict of the ancient King 4 times if you have any of sets 2,6,7 and 9 selected in the filter
      14) Default tournament round sorting to put incomplete games at the top so we don't have to scroll to find the games that are still going on
      15) Add a 'warning' box before you buy a card off the AH (this applies to PS4 as well)
      16) Add a 'warning' box before you fuse a card
      17) Add AZ1, AZ2 and FRA to the set filters for PC
      18) When in a dungeon in campaign swap the Exit campaign and Exit dungeon buttons. Everywhere else in the game the Top left button goes back a screen except in a dungeon when it tries to exit the dungeon instead
      19) Have packs and chests sort by set number instead of alphabetical in Kismet's well
      20) Let us search for cards by artist name in the search box
      21) For cards with an additional deck restriction instead of just having the invalid box show how close they are to being valid. So for Underworld Crusader have it show 8/10 Underworld troops for example

      And a few extra in their own section since these would be more in the scope of a feature but I still wanted to suggest them

      A) When a 1-shot ability is used up instead of removing it from the cards text have a line strike-through the text or have the text greyed out so there's less confusion on what happened
      B) Add a 'Round start time' each time a round starts in a tournament so we can better judge how long may be left
      C) Let us right click the resource tab in a game to see what resources have been played
      D) Add an option to turn off the animation of animated cards and sleeves
      E) Add an option to view cards in their half form from PS4 drafting while in the card manger to see more cards at once


      That's it for now. I've intentionally not included suggestions of tournament modes of making various things free since they've been mentioned lots of times before and would be more in the scope of a feature to implement.
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