Currency Update - Patch Notes

    • Ok I did'nt check the forums in a week and just read this thread

      It's one more step in the right direction... I can't be mad for making dingleton more like a highlander format we've asked for, even if I feel it would have been just better to completely implement it as its own permanent free access feature, distinct from melee, re-introduced with a fanfare rather than just it being a rotating mode of melee.

      Still, I haven't logged in in months and this news gave me a sudden itch, I'll give it a try when it rotates back in.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...