[Poll] Question to the community: What would relaunching from Set 1 offer to the game?

    • cainhu wrote:

      So, your suggestion is to re-release Set 1,2,3,4 after Set 10, instead of a Set 11,12,13,14? Well, that is terrible.
      Older players with big set 1 collections would play even LESS than now. But I can imagine a new "core" set of a collection of older (set 1-6) cards between Set 10 and Set 11, which would reintroduce many staples, but only those which would not break constructed.
      I assumed the suggestion was to do this BEFORE Set 10, because Set 10 is delayed indefinitely. Like @Morwath I can't play much less than I am now.
    • I am not going to modify the poll.

      Having people support "Yes" for various reasons is well within the purpose of the thread. If you support yes "For A and B reason, under C circumstances" and another supports yes "For D reason but not A reason and implemented in E way", I want to read all about A, B, C, D and E.

      If A, B, C etc are all different but lead to the 'Yes, they should restart from Set 1', then feel free to vote Yes and add a comment to specify how and why you'd want that to happen.