Dont even get to play or have any good matches

    • Dont even get to play or have any good matches

      wtf is up with the mana pulls in this game? I havent had a good match in forever its either i get mana tapped or my opponent does and than game over. Naybe cause im on ps4?

      Just payed real money to play 9 merry melee roid games to have every match end up with someone being mana tapped? It makes for really crappy gameplay.
    • I would say it's completely random and therefore you sometimes get streaks like this, but it's not actually random as Hex removes the worst opening hands, making it better than average :)

      But the message is the same, when the decks are randomly shuffled, you sometimes get mana screw or flood. And very seldom you get that many games in a row.

      You can mitigate this a lot by building a good mana base for your decks though (not in R.O.I.D as you don't have control), and it is often very possible to get back from mana screw as well.