Any suggestion for a Stall Candle deck.

    • Any suggestion for a Stall Candle deck.!/deck=341146

      This is what I've been working with. So far, its worked pretty well, it can lock down most of the more popular decks, like Momentum or Verdict decks. Its even been able to deal with the some slower Candle and Dreadling decks. About the only thing it really struggles with area Deathcry decks or some uncommon Blood decks with Brink of Madness Brink of Madness (screw that card!!).

      Now, that being said, it DOES have some obvious weaknesses (cough Brink of Madnesscough) such as an over reliance on Arena Regular (so squishy Q.Q) and needed to pull a Arcane Alacrity pretty early. But the stall can lock down most things, and buy you a LOT of turns. I've had people rage quit just from Arcane Alacrity + Webscribe combo.

      The "main" combo here is Light Em Up + Arcane Alacrity + Arena Regular, and the good thing with this deck is that its so action heavy, that you don't even need the 2 Light 'em ups that normally make this combo to slow to be reliable.
      The Stall is heavy enough, that you don't even need Arcane Alacrity, really, just trigger Arena Regular with your resources or Crackling Tide. But this is pretty ineffective, and more used to spawn Chump blockers to buy more turns.

      I USE to use Lorelai Carilloncall as the champ, since nothing say "Screw you" like doubling your uses of Light Em Up each turn, and that's really fun. But the problem I ran into was, if I can't pull the combo off, means she ends up sitting on a bunch of charges you almost never really have a use for. So I tried switching to Nineveh and it works pretty well. Arcane Alacrity means you're going to be generating charges very quickly. This often lets you get 1-3 banners out before turn 6, which REALLY speeds things up, and gives you alot more options.

      But I don't know every trick and card, so feel like there are things that could do some parts of this deck better. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      I've thought about trying to get Empress of Ice or Psychic Ascension, but they are both really pricey as well.
    • have you considered trying b/r? It isnt normal candles, but you can use Iron Inquisitor with blood discard cards like cockatwice, and whisper + all the good blood, and ruby removal. You basically use iron to make blockers/alt wincon. Can also run things like the 2/1 for 2 that makes a candle for more blockers.