The "Free Challenges for Casual Modes, please" thread

    • The "Free Challenges for Casual Modes, please" thread

      I'm sick and tired that every thread about the new modes ends up with a flow of posts ranting about having to pay to play them. It's annoying, really.


      I agree with them. So I'm opening (another) thread to, basically, strength this suggestion. Who knows? Maybe this will at least trigger an official response.

      The fact is not only about money. The chance to play those formats outside the merry meele will help the game, engaging the ommunity, allowing more content to be created, etc.

      In absence of PvE updates, these free casual modes will at least keep some of those players (not all) around.

      How's the best way to implement this? I think the challenge room is the best option. Ann user can create a public OR PRIVATE challenge with adesired format (from standard to wild west or any mod. This will also help PS4 players to be able to challenge friends or play for free.

      No more for now. Post here or give a like or whatever.
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    • Transience wrote:

      Maybe they could give 'unlock free mode X' as a reward? We currently have the sleeves at 10 wins. How about with the next round of the modes they could implement this as a reward at Y wins?
      Or maybe they could sell the modes for 1,000 - 1,500. Yes, we stepped that low. We're begging to pay them to give us something that should already in the game for free.