3 colors deck. Suggestions welcome.

    • 3 colors deck. Suggestions welcome.


      This is a deck I am currently working on it. List is quite raw because my collection is limited. That's why you'll find root of X instead of well of Y. I am not sure how to spend my plats that's why I am looking for suggestions by more experienced deckbuilders ! I'd like to keep this deck different as Wild-Ruby-Sapphire is not the most common combinaison you'll find in standard ladder and I really dislike pre-made and internet decklist. So, what should I add or remove ?

      Thank in advance for your help !


      Troops (11) :

      4 Howling Rebel
      2 Striding Syzygon
      2 Crafty Skycarver
      2 Radical Rocksurfer
      1 Primordial Sabretooth

      Actions (25) :

      4 Return to Cinder
      4 Pyre Strike
      4 Discombobulate
      2 Stifling Sting
      4 Runic Upheaval
      2 Dogpile
      3 Excruciate
      2 Psychic Ascension

      Ressources (24) :

      4 Ruby Shard
      3 Sapphire Shard
      3 Wild Shard
      1 Well of Innovation
      1 Well of Savagery
      2 Ruby Ice
      2 Wild Ice
      2 Sapphire Ice
      1 Feralfuel
      1 Ludicrous Libations
      1 Nameless Draught
      1 Root of Innovation
      1 Root of Savagery
      1 Root of Instinct

      Reserve (15) :

      3 Arcing Winds
      2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
      2 Dingler
      2 Falling Fangs
      2 Into the Unknown
      2 Dread End
      2 Dark Heart of Nulzann
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    • I'm not clear at all why you are playing wild. The cards you are splashing for aren't that powerful and without the expensive rare shards your resource base is never going to be consistent. So basically you are going to lose a lot of games you don't even get to play.

      4x Briny Ray is an easy inclusion. Its cheap and one of the best 2 drops in the game.

      From there the deck is basically R/S control. Primordial Sabretooths are a great investment to be running either 3 or 4 copies of. You could consider adding Conjured Candleghasts and then something like Theorize as a way to cheat them into play besides the Briny Rays. You could also go heavier towards actions and control with things like Verdict of the Ancient Kings, Weave into Nothing, or Heart's Whisper.
    • You need more sources of ruby and wild thresholds I think...You have 11 sapphire, 9 wild, and 9 ruby. If possible I would try to get 13 sapphire, 11 wild, 11 ruby at the least somehow.

      I like what the deck is doing with the 4 Runic Upheavel, 4 Return to Cinder, and 3 Excruciate.
      -Pyre Strike - Maybe have 2-3 of these in the reserves? Not many targets worth hitting for you to have it in the main.
      -Discombobulate - I'd probably trim this down to 1 or 2.
      -Dogpile - I'd cut it because it's not quick and you kind of always want to keep your resources open when playing control.
      -Psychic Ascension - Probably 1 main 1 sideboard against the more controlly matchup.

      I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do with those troops.
      -Turn 2 Howling Rebel into turn 3 Runic Upheaval or Radical Surfer is the only thing the Howling Rebel is good for.
      -Crafty Skycarver is too easily removed and the upside is not even that good because you need to have an action in your crypt first so best case scenario is turn 4 Crafty Skycarver attacking with nothing in the crypt.
      -Radical Surfer is amazing. I think you could go up to 4.
      -Not sure what the Striding Syzygon is doing in the deck.