I'm about done with Siege until Hex makes some AI improvements

    • There's a difference between being honest about bad things and being bad under the guise of 'honesty.' Some of the expressions of disappointment we've seen have been over-the-top, unnecessarily rude, and sure, toxic. Just because Hex is wrong here, and has been for quite some time, doesn't justify the total breakdown of propriety.

      Not everything or everyone, of course, but there's definitely been some, which is all Wolzarg's alleged.
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    • Wolzarg wrote:

      I mean im torn because i wouldn't want to communicate in this cespool either where every single word is over analyzed and twisted to be the most wicked meaning of it. But the options are either try and hope it gets better or start agressively banning people who are being toxic. Neither is a good solution but letting the toxicity fester is just going to turn a nice community rotten and that will make its way in game and spoil that part as well.
      The majority of this community is not toxic. The majority of these BOARDS are not toxic.

      Hex's community isn't a super happy place these days... but upset, angry, and worried are not the same as toxic. Yes there is a tendency to overanalyze and assume the worst... but those are hardly signs of toxicity, they're signs of concerned fans who still care but are feeling either dejected, hopeless, or neglected(or all three).

      There have been a few legitimately toxic threads pop up... but those typically got dealt with. And there have been some discussions that have strayed into legitimate toxicity.... but they're far from the majority.

      The role of a community manager is a difficult one, but a big part of it is to channel the passion and emotion into constructive means whenever possible, and remove people who can't be made constructive...
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
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      I don't think it's fair to describe most of the responses as toxic.
      most of the responses aren't. Maybe a few low effort memes and jokes on the toxic side, but most of the actual posts have information in them with legitimate criticism.
      Most of the responders aren't toxic and have genuine criticism. However the people that are not in that group are trying to scream the loudest.
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    • Everyone who really wanted those rewards already played/cheated their way to them (you can see easily see 100 sack sieges with only 1 win and relatively average decks). Time to reshuffle the system and make it more casual friendly?

      What about fixed reward of 25 Sacks per day for having Siege up (it's like this at the moment anyway), gold rewards do not go up after attacking and voting system for the opponent to rate your deck (+10 sacks if they like it, -5 sacks if they don't), attackers are rewarded with fixed amount of sacks as well (say 15). It would be probably best to make the Siege free, but this would make no sense for PS4 :(

      To make it more economically sound for all parties involved (including PS4), we could for example make this valid only for 1000 gold sieges (then rewards won't be greater than farming PvE) and decks should be removed after 3-5 defeats to prevent excessive freeriding with only shards decks.

      Honestly, think about it, it is not easy to come up with a system that would not be abused in TCG economy... If you go outside the box you could be rewarding account bound PvP cards from the packs (this infrastructure is already in place for Siege packs) and that would likely make everyone happy, but that's probably too far from current state of Hex to implement.
    • To date, my most successful defense has won 3 times before getting routed. My most recent, first attempt defeat I watched the AI REFUSE to activate a Root of Innovation to create the Sapphire shard it needed. It has no turn one play, could have done it then with no penalty. 3 turns later, after it had thrown out a couple Heart of Agony, it finally decided to play the Root as a shard for 1 resource. Still no Sapphire threshold.

      Same deck, next defense. Pretty sure everyone has seen the AI make horrible plays like this, but I want to demonstrate definitively how bad the AI is piloting decks.
      End of turn 3. I've got a Brutal Commander in play, and an Arena Regular it fetched. I have TWO Heart of Agony, a Well of Innovation, a Heroic Echo, and a second Brutal Commander in hand. Next turn should be an attack with three Brutal Commanders and the Regular if she'll be unblocked. Fetch more Regulars and play Heart of Agony on turn 5 to win the game. Instead, AI blocks with the regular for no rational reason, plays the Heart of Agony (NOT the Well of Innovation for the Sapphire Threshold it still doesn't have) and the Brutal Commander from hand, attacks, and summarily gets wrecked a couple turns later.

      For the record, following turn it plays the OTHER Heart of Agony, still holding the Well of Innovation. Two different situations, two occasions where the AI refused to even give itself access to needed thresholds for cards IN HAND. I can accept it not knowing it should fetch Arena Regulars when a higher cost option is available, I can not accept this most basic feature of game play being bugled.

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    • nope - no AI uses "while this is in your hand" abilities.

      I know i have been using roots in suicide decks to prevent the AI from gaining any thresholds outside of ices to increase the damage dealt by remnants.
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