The HexTCG World Cup contest!

    • The HexTCG World Cup contest!

      Welcome to the real Arena!

      Let's try something different. :)

      Do you like football? (the real one, not the one that the americans play).
      Maybe you don't, but you like watching the world cup just for fun.
      Or maybe you don't like the world cup at all...

      Doesn't matter! You all can join this pool! It's free and it will have prizes.

      How this even work?

      It's very easy. Signup here:
      (Be sure to use your IGN as the name, or post here if it's different)

      After registering, you should be automatically signed up for the pool. Now it's time to guess the scores!

      For each match, you have to put the result you think the teams will have. For example: Russia 1 - 0 Saudi Arabia. If you guess the winnner, you score 3 points. If you guess the exact score, you get an additional 2 points. Then, at the end of the world cup, if you're the one with the most points... you win the pool!

      You can register at any time during the world cup... but the sooner, the better, so you don't miss the first games.

      Great! This has some cost attached?

      Nope. It's free both in the site and in Hex. No gold, plat, or money. Just sign up and guess.

      Are there prizes involved?

      Yes! I will give some prizes based on the number of participants we have. Most probably some packs and gold. But we'll see what else we can give.
      Also, if anyone wants to voluntarily donate something to the prize pool... feel welcome :) Just post here so I can confirm it.
      I'll update the prize pool once the WC it's closer.

      But I don't watch football! I hate sports actually, it's the opium of the masses.

      Well, I can't help you on that. But just follow the trends and maybe you'll win some prizes without even watching a game!


      Well, that's it. Hopefully I'm not the only one playing. And who knows, maybe someone who never watched a football game will do it now and even like it!
      Twitter: @Plotynus