My Chaostouched deck is in trouble

    • I can't tell what format this is for but if its Standard then its uh...fucked really and that is the kindest way to word that and even for the FRA this deck doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting much of anywhere because you're running these useless troops for some reason.

      Psionic Barrage and Cumulus Oculus belongs in an action heavy deck and you're running 16 actions which is the least of any type of card in your deck besides 4 constants which means you're running troops that are only good in a deck type this isn't.

      Nameless Husher is paying 3 for a body and nothing else that turn, if you play him on turn 3 you're behind on tempo because that +2 mill is not going to make up for the fact you spent 3 resources to do it, even if you trigger him twice you paid 3 to mill 4...Morsel of Madness does that for 2, is Quick, and might also gain you health. If you're hurting for bodies in this deck there are better choices.

      Demented Ascension doesn't help your deck, at all. It doesn't mill cards, it requires you to have already milled cards to activate it and then it...still doesn't mill. You have 2 deck slots devoted to doing something your deck is not interested in and thats a clear and obvious cut to make right there - if its not milling, whats it there to do? Win more? You don't want that, you're going to have PLENTY of trouble just winning with mill.

      Morsel of Madness is really subpar but if you've got nothing better it doesn't hurt.

      Okay, so whats good?

      Nameless Devourer is an all star, always.
      Fever Bloom is the card Nameless Husher wishes it was.
      Howling Madness is excellent because it applies pressure, draws a card, is quick, and also doesn't dead draw because it replaces itself.

      What can you do to make this card pile look more like a deck?

      Look into better actions to replace the less than stellar ones you're using but let me blunt again - this aint' budget because mill is a terrible archetype to be running and without the high rarity, high price, cards to make it even playably decent you're gonna get stomped on for playing a slow ass durdle deck. If you want to play this deck, you have to acquire better cards otherwise play a different deck.

      Actions you want?

      Demented Whispers
      Cult of the Nameless City
      Demented Destiny
      Void Star's Gaze

      Troops you want?

      Void Star the Sightless
      Vampire Prince (maybe)
      Thought Collector (for some deck styles, not the action heavy ones)
      The Librarian

      You'll want to decide what type of mill deck you want to run and focus down on that but any mill deck should value cards based on how they help you empty your opponent's deck, if it isn't directly milling them it better be a big body, have Lethal, draw you a card, etc. because you can't afford to fuck around with other things.

      But I'm no expert, just a random player. Maybe there are expert opinions that disagree or can be more helpful, till then I'm what you got.
    • in all honesty if your looking to pump money into something, I would avoid pumping it into bury decks, as fun as they are they don't hold up well against most other decks, my advice would be to buy one of the precon decks, win some ladder and use sell the packs to get some of your investment back, the precon momentum deck can easily get you to cosmic and will stand fairly well in tourneys