[<3] The Humbled Update

    • Ikr. Personally when I post equipments I try to never go above Hex Primal's prices translated to platinum in 1 cent = 1 plat-, but at the same time I do understand people wanting to post them for extremely high prices due to the extreme inconvenience involved in the process of posting equipments on the auction house. Even I have stopped posting equipments each time I repost on auction house at this point.
    • Morwath wrote:

      schild wrote:

      It would have been very easy to make decks that were excellent value and competitive across the ladder and also didn't crush prices on some of the best cards currently in print

      They went another way.

      Like with all things lately, they take a good idea and jack it up just enough to make it feelbad.
      No matter what decision they would make, it would be feelbad for someone.Imho, they did exacly what they should've done with Signature decks, only Rowdy was feelbad for me.
      feelbad for someone isn't the same as feelbad for the majority

      the whole goal of doing something that obviously will feelbad is to minimize the impact, not maximize it

      i, of course, can not explain siege - which is feelbad for literally everyone