Double Contest - May 31 to June 14

    • Double Contest - May 31 to June 14

      Design cards that meet the design constraints listed below.
      The entry I like best wins the competition, and there are runner-up
      prizes as well. Multiple entries are allowed, but please don't flood the
      contest, and multiple prizes can't be won by the same person.

      In addition to the listed prize, the first place winner gets to host the
      next contest, and they get to set their own design constraint and award
      prizes of their own choosing.

      This is a special Double Contest which is created to help new players take a part in it, and towards others who want to win prizes. More expirianced players are free to join both contests if they feel like it, but I will mostly reward only newer ones.

      Older Players
      1st Contest: Make a card whit a new keyword

      Rewards: 1st: 15 000 g and 1st pick of the legendary equipment
      2nd: A random rare and 2nd pick of the legendary equipment
      3rd: Random rare I got spare and 3rd pick of equipment

      Equipment: Scale of Judrdin, Caller's Cowl, Bow of Howler, Prophecy Cover, Medalion of the Arena, Artificers Mallet

      Newer Players
      2nd Contest: Make a card which you would like to play whit, anything is allowed but it has to be balanced and around Rare or lower it's power level.

      Rewards 1st: 2x Pve Legendary + bundle of pve cards
      2nd: 1x Pve Legendary + smaller bundle of pve cards
      3rd: Bundle of PVE cards

      Who ever wins the 2nd contest I will help whit rewards on any contest you decide to make

      I wish all of you, best of luck. ;3

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    • My keyword: Avenge

      Avenge is an ability that triggers when another troop you control dies. So it could give all manner of aggressive buffs to give a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" decision to opponents: opponents can kill a large, menacing troop, but it will trigger the Avenge abilities of the remaining creatures. Some examples:
      "Avenge - This gets +1 [ATTACK] and Swiftstrike"
      "Avenge - This gets Rage 2."

      There could even be cards that trigger Avenge abilities without something needing something to die (like Dream's End).

      Avenge would be easy to flavor in Ruby or Blood, but card I want to showcase shows how diamond might utilize the Avenge mechanic.

      Battle-hardened Survivor
      Rare Troop - Human Warrior
      Avenge - Another target troop you control gets Lifebound.

      "I've lost one friend to the enders. I will not lose another."

      2 / 3

    • Ward is a keyword when gained or during deckbuilding you choose a shard and that card can't be targeted or dealt damage by cards of the chosen shard.This would also change the keyword to be RUBYWARD SAPPHIRE WARD ETC and wouldn't be changeable during reserves. This would likely be limited to oneshots or end of turn effects for low rarity cards and higher rarity cards as a permanent effect.
    • Hello to all, sry for the the wait. I actually took over 10 minutes to chose which card I like the best but over 30 min to chose 2nd place.
      The reason why it took so long was that I loved Arcanyx card design the best. It had Logical name, Lore made sense, Fair body and high cost for such strong synergy card. Avange keyword itself was very logical on such card. At first I tought that the card was weak, and I will admit it ,it is on weaker side. But in certain cases which are not hard to pull off, it could be quite broken. [This card whit Rep 4000 is quite silly for exmaple]
      HaughtyHeretic card on itself
      was hard for me to judge as it had two new keywords which was unfair as it made it much more customized. The prejudice keyword was great as just like the Arcanyx one it made sense but on the other hand it was quite on the weaker side and not really imaginative. But the reason why it took me so long was the 2nd keyword. Renounce. That keyword could be fun used on enemy troops as there are no [DISPEL] type of keywords in the game and that is something which I would love to see more off in this game - non removal / removals.
      Then we had Isengard's card which had WARD keyword. The part where you can socket it made it very apealing as sockets are one of big advantages HEX has over similar games. I was hard for me to place you on third place , I rly love the design of it, but it's the least unique one of them all besides the socket part, so I had to give it to Heretic.

      Even thou it was only 3 cards I love all three very much i would very much love to see more ideas from you guys if event dosn't die off complitly. I am sad to see that such a fun event is dying off. I was gonna spam in chat each day for ppl to enter but kinda busy month plus that trip at the end.
      1st Place : Arcanyx - Battle-hardend Survivor - Avange

      2nd Place: HaughtyHeretic - They of Many - Renounce

      3rd Place : Isengard - Shard Warden - Ward [Socket]

      Send me what equipment you have picked from the list and on what account name you want me to send them. When everybody has submited I will send to all at once. Lova ya all
    • AvalonRoxy wrote:

      All rewards have been sent. Sorry for such low tier rewards.
      The point of these events are not to get brides of the damned... the points of these events are to share creativity and reward people for having fun with you. Don't feel bad, regardless of what prizes you may have had to offer. :)
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